Shaking My Cowbell at the ‘Gods of Chaos’

CarEngineIt’s been a bit of a wild week over here at the Hansen House!

Monday, I was cruising down the freeway when it sounds like pinball is happening inside my right front wheel well.

All of a sudden my “Check Engine” light came on, so I did what any self-respecting non-mechanical gal would do…

I called my dude.

Hubs: Did you call the mechanic?
Me: No! I called you.
Hubs: Did you pull over and take a look?
Me: No! I called YOU. *I’m getting kinda crunchy at this point*
Hubs: I think you should call the mechanic.
Me: *sigh* Fine. I’ll call you back.

So…I call the mechanic.

Car Dude: You need to bring it in, the computer will tell us what’s wrong.
Me: I’m on my way to a meeting…can I bring it in after work?
Car Dude: Have you pulled over to take a look?
Me: My husband asked me that too. I’m pulling off the freeway now.
Car Dude: See if there’s any fluid running out of your car.

Me: *squats down in business suit* I see the usual air conditioning water-drip, but no steady stream. Look, my temp guage didn’t jump, my gas guage hasn’t changed, the car turns well and the RPMs haven’t revved. Don’t you think I can bring it in after my meeting? The car’s not gonna explode, right?

Car Dude: I can’t tell you that until after I hook it up to the computer.
[I’m feeling really crunchy now.]
Me: I’ll call you back.

Now, I’d never have kept driving anywhere except the mechanic EXCEPT the two people I was training were unavailable for the rest of the week, with one of them about to get married and go on her honeymoon.

So, I sent up a prayer and got back on the freeway.

Ten miles later, the “Maintenance Required” light comes on. I now had a very Halloween-ish dashboard with several bright orange lights on.

But I was close to work, so I made a deal with God. Then I called and told the mechanic that I would drive in or tow in that evening so he could work on my car the next day. I went in and did my training.

Luckily, I got to the car place without incident and the Hubs picked me up with the Little Bean in the backseat happily eating French Fries.

Back at the Hansen House…

Construction started on my house Tuesday, and all that hammering scatters my thoughts like the dead leaves of winter.

BUT eight hours and $766 dollars later, my car is fixed, so we pick up the Bean from school and go to get the car.

When we pull up at a restaurant for dinner, we got the munchkin out of the car and she started crying so I took her from the Hubs and started trying to figure out the problem. “The Problem” became crystal clear when that child emptied her stomach across my chest, down my left arm and over my foot, with just a little left for the grassy patch we were standing on.


Trust me, when y’all don’t hear from me for this long, it’s because the crapola has broken the fan off its hinges. I’m kind of afraid to say it out loud, but I think things have finally calmed down.

*Shhhh…don’t tell the Chaos Gods that have been partying at my place.*

I’ll be back to my usual shenanigans next week, along with a few extras that I think you’ll like.  They include laughter and Undies.

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How has YOUR week gone? Have you been visited by the Happy Fairies or the Chaos Gods? Enquiring minds love to know these things here at More Cowbell!

~ Jenny

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25 Responses to Shaking My Cowbell at the ‘Gods of Chaos’

  1. Ginger Calem says:

    Jenny, it’s really hard to ‘like’ this post. Poor you! You deserve a big ol’ relaxing weekend. I hope you get it. It’s past noon of Friday. Pour a glass of wine? Hang in there.


  2. filbio says:

    Time to pop open a bottle of wine, put your feet up, and start chugging!

    Enjoy the weekend!


  3. Sharla Rae says:

    Don’t bad things usually happen in threes? Oops, sorry. Maybe you better duck. 🙂


  4. tomwisk says:

    Jenny, as a semi-mechanical male I know the feeling. I used to drive an old Ford. When something went wrong I pulled out the book and fixed it. Then I snapped. I bought two Japanese cars. the first one should still be with me but I bought a Subaru Brat (remember them?) It went through three engines. Back to American and a Mustang. It got crashed. A Pontiac Phoenix followed, so did the age of computers. Routine maintenance was becoming a major expense. I was mercifully released when then water pump failed and the estimate was $45 for parts $1500 for labor. It got disappeared by a friendly tow truck driver. I went twelve years without a car, relying on public transportation and the kindness of others. Circumstances forced me to get my driver’s license again and buy another car. Now I am the proud owner of a Chrysler PT Cruiser. It needs work but the mechanic told me that I had about six months to a year until the problems got bad. I’m saving up for a trip back to the mechanic for a clean sweep of all the problems in a month or so.


  5. Uncle says:

    Sounds like the old days. Hope the wine is the trick. Uncle


  6. Yikes! Sounds like a crazy week on your end. Perhaps it’s Mercury in Retrograde that’s doing it: Mercury does rule over travel 😉


  7. K.B. Owen says:

    Oh, wow, Jenny, how awful! I have soooo been there, my friend. Hugs! It has to get better! Hang in there.


  8. I’m glad to hear things are settling down now. Boring isn’t always a bad thing. Especially if it involves a nap. And it sounds like you deserve one. After you finish the wine. 😀


  9. My week? The company I started with in 1995 has gone to hell in its own handbasket, and I’m waiting for an offer letter from another company. But it’s not here yet. And the crazy at home is getting more crazy. Thus passes my week. But, no one puked on me. So, you’ve certainly got that on me! Hope your next week is much more calm!


    • K.B. Owen says:

      Oh no, Doug, that sucks! I think I’d rather be puked on. Fingers and toes crossed you get that offer pronto.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Noooooooooooooo! I hate it when the job goes crazy. It makes me feel like everything is off-kilter. Glad to provide you with a bright side though. “At least I didn’t get puked on” can be your mantra for the next week. 🙂

      Sounds like you need wine too. *clinks glass*


  10. AY! Definitely not a good week for you. How I (DON’T) miss the vomit streaming down on me. 🙂 Have a great weekend!


  11. Andy Imhof says:

    So what ended up being wrong with the car? 😛


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      An oxygen sensor, a many-miles tune-up and replacing some worn out links between the sway bars. The O2 sensor was what set off the first light. They said the maintenance light was a coincidence (which I still don’t believe).


  12. You had me at *squats in business suit* Don’t hate me but I had a nice, quiet week. Gee, I hope I didn’t just put a Chaos God target on my back for admitting that. I hope things go better for you next week!


  13. Phil Harrison says:

    I win. The brakes went out on the Jeep 2 miles from home. I got home but only because I live in a very rural area where we don’t have traffic for hours. Towed. You don’t want to know the cost of the tow and they will work on the brakes Tuesday. Have no way in to get it until Wednesday. We will NOT discuss the cost of the dang tow. A guy ran into my house Friday night and knocked a hole in my basement. My niece who is helping me sort through the stuff in my house [13 rooms worth], got a hole in her gas tank to the tune of 1000 for a new one. I got the flu 5 days before I get a flu shot. I end up on antibiotics because it went to the chest. I ended up with a stray kitten near starvation but I had some of my deceased cat’s food left that I was going to take to my sister but I had to buy more food and since the brakes were out, I had to pay full price at Walmart instead of big discount at our local food warehouse.

    Would you like me to keep going or is that enough?

    I win. Not that I want to do so.


  14. Phil Harrison says:

    And yes, I’m having fits over the cost of the tow… That’s why I complained twice.


  15. Cate Russell-Cole says:

    Yup. me too. Sincere commiserations and your email is still missing. We can just write that one off… one of the chaos gods has probably written his shopping list on it… Did I say his? Freudian slip… aheam!

    Hope next week is MUCH better.


  16. Thanks for the pingback love, Jenny.

    Poor you. I do so hope you have a peaceful weekend, and that Little Bean is all over her tummy problems.

    I’m so excited about next week I could poop in public. *Toothy grin, or red-faced grimace? You decide.*


  17. Julie Glover says:

    How about I buy you a virtual drink and we chat about our chaos-gods week? I’m right there with you. And yes, my car even has a maintenance-required light on the dashboard, which I have successfully ignored for over 200 miles while I traveled back and forth across town for necessary visits to see my father. I will be calling the car place on Monday.

    Hope Little Bean is much better!


  18. Diana Beebe says:

    Sending lots of hugs and harmony to you! I hope she’s feeling better.

    I got to spend my weekend away from a chaos that got cancelled. It was lovely to plan and write all weekend without that hanging over me.

    Now, I’m looking down the barrel of work deadlines (and commenting here instead of working later or going to bed–the lure of the Cowbell). The light at the end of this tunnel is NOT going to be a train this time.

    Have a great week!


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