Exciting New Series: Take Your Writing By Storm

I wasn’t planning to post today, but I couldn’t keep it under my hat and longer:

Chuck Sambuchino (Writer’s Digest and Guide to Literary Agents fame) is over at Writers In The Storm all day long today. And I do mean ALL DAY. There are posts coming out every hour between now and 1 pm Eastern time.

These two are kicking off the festivities (like right now):

Take Your Writing by Storm With Chuck Sambuchino


Literary Terms Defined: The Uncommon and Common

I’m thinking of these 7-8 posts like a little mini-writing workshop. Plus, all commenters on his final post of the day get entered in a drawing to win their choice of either the brand new 2014 GUIDE TO LITERARY AGENTS or 2014 CHILDREN’S WRITER’S & ILLUSTRATOR’S MARKET.

I’ve been squeeing all over the place for a week waiting to announce this. So hop on over there and enjoy!!

~ Jenny

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6 Responses to Exciting New Series: Take Your Writing By Storm

  1. Yeah, yeah. I know. I’ve been MIA for a couple of days.

    The Golden Heart doth draw nigh (forsooth). And, I have a Cowbell on its way to me, so I MUST allocate play days for that.

    Hopping over to WITS today. Ciao, bella!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Squeeee! You’re prepping a Golden Heart entry. 🙂 I’m so excited for you, Gloria!!! Did you see that your G-man came back to More Cowbell yesterday?


      • That’s it! The G-Man came back to More Cowbell and didn’t send me a tweet to let me know? I’d yell at him, but he packs heat. Yes. If he were here today, I’d tell him to take that comment in whatever context he chooses.

        I’m excited about GH, too. Need to see a psychiatrist about my Synopsiphobia. Up to fifteen pages? ERM. Short answer, no. Long answer, hell no.


  2. You, NOT blog about this? That I’d have to see. But thanks for the heads up Jenny. I was wondering why I woke up this morning with eight emails from “the Storm.” But I haven’t had the time to read them yet. I better hop over there. 🙂


  3. Thanks for the heads up Jenny! I’ll check it out.


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