Calling All Writers…

Writers In The Storm is offering you the chance to strut your stuff in their comments section today.

What do I mean?

You have the opportunity to share up to 200 words from the middle of any of your manuscripts, be they published or unpublished!

YOU, skedaddling over to WITS to pimp your writing...

YOU, skedaddling over to WITS to pimp your writing…

Don’t delay, click the link at the top of this post and run over to WITS for a gander of our work, and the chance to share yours.

Make like Shakira, people! Park your nerves over here (if you have them) and leap on over there…

I want my posse to share their stellar writing far and wide, and Writers In The Storm traffic is at least double of what we have over here.

~ Jenny

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Avid seeker of "more"...More words, more creativity, More Cowbell! An extrovert who's terribly fond of silliness. Founding blogger at Writers In The Storm ( Write on!
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9 Responses to Calling All Writers…

  1. Laura Drake says:

    Can I just say I want her butt? Wow.


  2. Thanks for the notice on the opportunity, Jenny. Pretty cool idea!


  3. Diana Beebe says:

    What a great idea! Thanks! I posted mine–It’s a WIP and needs more revisions. 😀


  4. filbio says:

    Shakira? I thought that was you in that picture Jenny!

    Wish I had a book I was writing to show off here. One day…..


  5. valinparis says:

    You da bomb, Jenny, as always! Thanks. If I leap like Shakira, I think I’ll hurt something, but picture me funkin’ it up to get there.


  6. Okay, I posted over there. Let’s see what happens.

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


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