A Shout-Out To The More Cowbell Posse!

I love to draw attention to the Top Commenters on this blog. The posse here just makes my world sparkle, so this is my chance to give a little back. (I promise we’ll get our Monday funny on another day this week, but today is about giving thanks.)

Below are the six people that showed up in my stats as the six most outrageously smokin’ commenters. Be sure to click through and give them all a little bloggy love.

Kitt Crescendo (aka the InnerWildCat): She slays me here and over on Facebook.
Sexy Younger Guys — Cougartime!

Excerpt: “Older men are great playmates and younger men are great playthings.”

Gloria Richard: One of the funniest ladies on the planet.
Guaranteed howl: Why Are The Police Sitting Like Bumps On My Pickle?

Excerpt: “They had no idea I would sooner throw myself in a vat of pickling juice and let Hot Shot Medieval Dudes gnaw on a thigh than tell my husband my purse was stolen.”

Laura Drake: My critique partner and one of my fave peeps on the planet.
Her website is full of news about her books, and if you haven’t tried one…run, don’t walk!

Opening line from The Sweet Spot:  The grief counselor told the group to be grateful for what they had left. After lots of considering, Charla Rae decided she was grateful for the bull semen.

K.B. Owen: Kathy combines history with mystery with a humor splash on the side.
Who doesn’t want to read a post called “Dangerous and Unseemly Zombies“???

Excerpt: “Today I’m responding to Piper Bayard’s Firelands Reader/Blogger Challenge  because I can’t resist an opportunity to win a can of Tactical Bacon.”

Julie Glover: My grammar diva, Sunday-school teaching pal is also pee-your-pants funny.
Visceral Verbs for Writing, anyone? Bonanza time!

Excerpt: “.. I sometimes struggle with verbs to show how a character’s gut, heart, lungs, shiver, shudder, insides, whatever react to an emotion-producing stimulus. So I started to make a list.”

Phil Holtberg (aka Filbio / aka The Regular Guy NYC) has a great blog and is one of my very favorite tweeps. Plus, he gives us great scoop on the yummy side of New York. 🙂
Example: A Sausagefest grows in Brooklyn, NYC

Excerpt: “There is nothing like a good sausagefest! So I proclaimed over and over while shoving loads of delicious meaty sausage into my mauf! Give me MOAR!!!”

Bring on the blog love! Let’s heap these peeps with it!!

Happy Monday, y’all…

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Avid seeker of "more"...More words, more creativity, More Cowbell! An extrovert who's terribly fond of silliness. Founding blogger at Writers In The Storm (http://writersinthestormblog.com). Write on!
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42 Responses to A Shout-Out To The More Cowbell Posse!

  1. Thanks from the bottom of my socks for the shout-out, Jenny. This member of your posse loves ya’ right back.

    [Just between us, I’m glad that K.B. Owen woman didn’t knock me off the charts this time around, yet played blog-jack often enough to hit the list.]

    I follow all of the blogs mentioned. Like minds?

    Laura’s opening line for The Sweet Spot slays me every frigging time I read it. Can not wait to read the book. It awaits me on my Kindle. So many pals getting published, and here I sat making a career out of rewording sentences. Gaaah! Hey, Laura! I’ve been writing forward since Nationals. Your panel discussion nailed my writing fears.

    Regular NYC guy? I gain five pounds every time I read most of his posts. Funny stuff. I especially liked the political satire featuring The Big Sausage (or, not), Anthony Wiener.

    Kitt? OMG! Love her saucy pen. I can’t believe it took me so long to connect with her.

    It’s an honor to be included in this wonky, saucy, prolific list. Repeat first line.


    • OMG! I can’t believe I missed mentioning Julie. I’ve followed her since she unleashed her stealth humor on More Cowbell. I approach her weekly grammar posts with caution. I go in thinking I know all there is to know, and inevitably discover a whodathunkit..


      • Julie Glover says:

        LOL. Just to show you how far my wordy self extends, “whodathunkit” is a word that derives from the tribe Redneckian. “Whoda” was shortened from “whodahellisthatonmyland,” and “thunkit” was originally a mispronunciation of “drunkit,” as in someone holding up an empty bottle of moonshine and asking, “whodahelldrunkit?!” I knew you were wondering, so I’m glad I was here to give my take on that lovely word you chose.

        Honestly, Gloria, your comments get me smiling here EVERY TIME.


        • LOL! Felt like I was at Redneck Words spelling bee and someone asked for origin. Love it!


        • Woot! I’m happy anytime I can make someone smile. Blank stares are glee killers.

          Woot (again)! I had no clue about the derivation of whodathunkit. I’ll quote you often. If anyone challenges me, I’ll say I got the Intel directly from a preacher’s kid and everyone knows they’re above reproach.



          Hello? Are you still there? Julie…?


      • Jenny Hansen says:

        I think it’s hilarious that you and Julie can both speak “redneck”…is this a Texas thang?

        Also, Laura is incredibly motivating and inspiring. I wish I’d gotten to see that panel. Are you gonna blog it for me??


        • Sure I’ll blog it for you.

          Sometime. When I get my rear in gear and put up a new post.

          I purchased the flash drive with all of the recorded sessions [nanner, nanner], so I can watch it again to refresh before I do that.

          Do you suppose Laura would mind if I featured that with the c-string Zen and Stud Muffin post that will include illuminated Handerpants?


        • Julie Glover says:

          Just a reminder: My high school LET OUT for our local livestock show and rodeo; there were too many students involved to hold school. So yeah, I’ve known some rednecks in my life (most very nice, if not all speaking the Queen’s English). And (Laura Drake would be proud), I do indeed know the differences between cow, heifer, steer, and bull.

          Speaking of bull…

          Thanks for the fun, y’all!


    • K.B. Owen says:

      It’s tough to top a blog-jacker of your caliber, Gloria, but I try to keep up. 😉

      How’s the WIP? Sounds like you got a lot of inspiration from Nationals!


      • I. Am. So. Excited about where the WIP is going and how well things have been going since Nationals.

        Keep up with me? You sometimes push me over the edge of that-which-is-wise when I try to one-up your triple entendre wit. Don’t play innocent with me.


      • Jenny Hansen says:

        Absolutely, Kathy!! I don’t know anyone who can top Gloria on the BJ’s (I mean BLOG JACKING), besides maybe Natalie Hartford and Hubby. But they’re on a hiatus. Gloria is the reigning queen.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Yep, you’ve nailed them. 🙂 Our peeps are rockstars!

      What’s taking you so long to read The Sweet Spot, eh??


  2. Julie Glover says:

    I’m thrilled to be in such company! And as for Sweet Spot, I won an ARC (*smiling big*), and Laura’s novel was wonderful! I didn’t know you two were CPs. Cool!

    More cowbell brings out the crazy in me some days, and most days that’s exactly what I need. Thanks for keeping us on our toes, informed, and entertained, Jenny!


  3. Great people! I think Laura & Kathy are the only ones I wasn’t already following… Scurrying off to fix that right now.


  4. Wow, a fun line up of Cowbell peeps! I see some people I didn’t know and will def check them out! You do run a fun blog, Jenny!


  5. Laura Drake says:

    Wow, I’m shocked I made the ‘hit list’ – but I’m in some good company there! Gloria, SO glad to hear I kicked your ass! Love you guys…


    • It was the ERKs and EWs in your blog-jack play that threw you over the top, Laura. I’m sure of it.

      Yes. You kicked my ass into gear. So! What am I doing fiddling around in comments?

      *slinks away to tackle The WIP*


  6. filbio says:

    Whoa! Thanks Jenny. You rock it so hard! I am so honored that I made your list. I also have to say that I am a lucky boy to be surrounded by all the sexy ladies here! Of course I am following blog vixens such as Kitt, Gloria, and you already but will be sure to swing by the others here and follow them too.

    Happy Monday! ( is it Friday yet? )


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      You made that list with all your funny comments, Phil! I just reported on it. 🙂

      I can totally relate to: “Is it Friday yet?” This San Fran gig is wearing me out!!


    • Hey, not-so-regular NYC Guy…

      Your second exclamatory statement? You do realize that’s a double entendre word play waiting to happen, right?

      Woman to Phil: “Hey! That’s my line!”


      • filbio says:

        I think I will need a cold shower soon after reading all these comments!


      • Bwah! All I could think when I saw “not so regular” was that maybe Phil needs some Metamucil. (yes, there appears to be some sort of malady that has crawled into my brain today…well, pretty much every day, but especially today.)


        • Jenny Hansen says:

          My brain has the same malady, Kitt…. BAHAHAHA!!


        • Not. My. Fault!

          Phil’s the one who bills himself as the Regular NYC Guy. Although I did spot the potential when I typed that descriptor. I chose not to change it. No reason.

          I’m more interested in the “You rock it so HARD!” line.

          Thank goodness it’s the end-of-the-day, and I doubt we’ll have any more Blog-Jack shenanigans.

          I SO want to visit San Francisco in August. The coldest month of the year for them. The hottest month of the year in Texas. I can leave my bags with the bellman, snitch sheets & towels from a maid’s cart, and snooze while you’re away working.

          Whaddya’ think?


  7. aerobabe619 says:

    you make everyone feel so welcomed,and read their comments with such respect.i admire your integrity and your writing is wonderful.A true kind soul


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