Y is for Y Chromosome: Man Motivation (or How I Get My Dudes To Play Scrabble)

Whether it’s testosterone, perversity, or just plain curiosity, most of the men I know are fiercely competitive. That’s been both a blessing and a curse when it comes to me and Scrabble.

You see, I looooooooove to play Scrabble. And I am fiercely competitive. Plus I know the meaning of weird two-letter words like:

  • ka is a spiritual force
  • ai is a three-toed sloth
  • jo means sweetheart
  • I don’t know what the hell za means, but I know it’s legal to use.

If I play balls out, I’d typically wipe the Scrabble board with my boyfriends, which of course they HATED. My husband is the first man who ever liked to play just because he liked the game (and loves to see me happy).

It’s been a pretty safe bet in relationships past that once the men in my life find out about my Scrabble talent, they’d get much less interested in playing Scrabble with me.

But I looooooooove to play Scrabble!

So I tricked them into it.

Seriously, it’s easy…you just have to play dirty, if you know what I mean.

Top 4 Most Successful Ways to Coerce Dudes to Play Scrabble**:

  • Strip Scrabble.
    Warning: If you’re great at the game, your bluff gets called pretty quickly on this. The enticement of nakedness will lead your Scrabble partner along for a game or two, but after they’re down to nothing and you’ve only taken your shoes off, multiple games in a row, they’ll begin to catch on.
  • Naked Scrabble.
    It’s a pretty safe bet that, even if they don’t love Scrabble, they DO love naked women. Therefore, it’s a win-win. And you don’t need to put them through the embarrassment of the above method.
  • Bribery.
    One of my girlfriends traded sex for chores. For me it was “food for Scrabble.” (No, I didn’t starve the guy, I just held his favorite baked goods hostage for Scrabble games. No Scrabble, no cookies.)
  • Trade off Games.
    It’s only fair. Perhaps they love a game you hate (like Monopoly). You can trade off playing each person’s favorite game, with a periodic foray into something you both love (like Doctor).

Do you have things you like to do that your “Y Chromosome” doesn’t? How do you motivate them to play? And how about you “Ys”…do you have tricks that work the other direction on the “X Chromosomes” in your life? Enquiring minds LOVE to know these things here at More Cowbell!


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28 Responses to Y is for Y Chromosome: Man Motivation (or How I Get My Dudes To Play Scrabble)

  1. LOL…someday I’ll have to give your ideas a try. For the most part, if someone doesn’t want to do something like play Scrabble with me, I’ll go to a website and play the computer. I used to play people but I either had to lose on purpose, or they would get ticked off and stop playing. Not worth it. And I’ve been known to pull out a deck of cards and play a 4-player euchre game by myself. Yeah, I know, but surprisingly enough, I didn’t cheat. I figured I won either way. 🙂


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      LOL. I understand completely. I’m lucky enough to have some Words With Friends pals who just love to play one move a day and don’t care if I win. I’ll be sure to invite you to one. 🙂


  2. LauraDrake says:

    Yeah, but on #2, you don’t get to play much of the game, do you?
    To me, Scrabble is like tennis – you need to play with someone around your level, or it’s no fun.
    There’s a way out of all of this, Jenny. I bought a Scrabble game for my Kindle, and I play AI, the computer.

    I’m telling you, AI, that sucker is brutal.


  3. Sisyphus47 says:

    Now, I am seriously choking… Scrabble? Whatever next!? XY indeed! ;-P


  4. Julie Glover says:

    Qi. I have no idea what it means, but it’s also legal.

    I love Scrabble too, and being a wordsmith married to a math-minded guy, I was sure I’d make him want to eat those wooden tiles when we first played. He had kicked my butt in every strategy game we’d tried, but this was MY territory…words. About an hour later, I was doing the crawl of shame. My hubby played all 7 letters on a triple word score! His colossal win against this competitive gal absolutely killed my desire to play Scrabble with him again…even naked.

    His favorite game is Axis & Allies–an hours-long re-creation of World War II with toy soldiers and battle gear. Just the thought of it makes me fall asleep snoring. I have played exactly ONCE. Why? To get my kids middle names. I kid you not! My hubby wanted to skip middle names, I wanted them to have middle names, he said if I played I could give them, and so I did. Of course, he trounced me, but my children have something to put in the blank that says “M.I.” on all of their forms. LOL.


    • Lara says:

      Julie, qi is a different spelling of chi. It’s the energy force that flows through our body. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, an imbalance of qi leads to disease (I think).


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Oh my God, Julie…I read this comment to my husband this morning. I love that you took it for the team in Axis and Allies just to get middle names!!

      And the sad part? My hubby said: “Oh that game sounds INTERESTING.” (with high excitement voice) I said, “No, it isn’t. Or maybe it IS, but only if you play with Julie’s husband while she and I go out.”


    • K.B. Owen says:

      ROFL, Julie! That’s a riot. He didn’t want to bother with middle names? Wow. I’m sure your kids are grateful, especially when you would call them by their full name when you were really mad. 😉


  5. Jess Witkins says:

    I’m afraid I’m at the opposite end of this spectrum. I tried playing mancala with my honey, and he wins almost every time. We did the strip version, and he still won. And if we play other games, like Aggravation, usually my roommate and him gang up to take me down. I may need to start watching movies he wants to see without him and then bragging about cool they are… See you in a few hours. LOL


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Dang…they tag team you on the games?? That’s jacked. Well, I think cheating on him with high-value movies is definitely in order. And SQUEEEE to seeing you soon!!!!!


  6. filbio says:

    You women are truly evil. You know that nudity and food is a guy’s weakness! Not fair!


  7. Hubs and I can’t play Scrabble, because we’re both competitive and I know a lot of science words (seriously – zygote on a triple word score can’t be beat ;P), but we do enjoy a good game of Seduction Monopoly. One person is the banker, the other has the real estate, and you have to seduce the other person to get your money/real estate. The game never lasts long, which is fine, because Monopoly is boring 😉


  8. I think those tricks should get ALL of us to play Scrabble. And stop playing Scrabble, IYKWIM. 😉


  9. tomwisk says:

    Strip Scrabble and Naked Scrabble sound fine. I like Scrabble and play a version on-line. One thing about Naked Scrabble does “Oops I dropped a tile” count as a suitable strategy?


  10. I love Scrabble too. My hub will play with me, but I almost always beat him. He doesn’t mind, but after reading this post I’m wondering if it’s because he’s THINKING about naked scrabble. Hmmm…


  11. K.B. Owen says:

    LOL, Jenny, I’ll have to get my boardgaming hubby to weigh in on this one! The comments are a hoot and a half, too! 😀


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