L is for Learning: The Best Writing Teacher I Know + a Milestone

Most of you here at More Cowbell know that I teach computer classes in my day job. I am a huge fan of learning and growing your understanding of any topic.

Last weekend, I posted some Freaking Great Writing Advice and asked all of you what was the best thing you’ve ever heard about writing.

Laura Drake said: Whatever falls out of Margie Lawson’s mouth.

And, after a few Margie classes, I’m pretty sure she’s right. Margie helps you dig down to find the writer you always dreamed of being. Plus, she does it without touching your voice.

That’s talent, huh?

My current goal is to brush up my skills enough and get Margie-ized enough that I can go visit her on the mountain for her Immersion Master Class. I am dying to go to it.

If you haven’t experienced Margie yet, I highly recommend you go to Lawson Writers Academy and take a gander.

As for the milestone, yesterday (when I completely lost control in the comments section) we put up our 500th post here.

I honestly didn’t know I had 500 things to say, so it was kind of a trip to see that number in my dashboard. Holy cats, you guys are awesome!!

Trust me, if you didn’t entertain me so much in the comments, I wouldn’t post so much. 🙂

500th post

Now…on to the giveaway! Once a week, we’re giving away a cool bumper sticker that I keep on my bulletin board. It says: “I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is More Cowbell!”

Today’s winner is Zack Kullis! He and Gloria Richard did the finest blogjack I’ve ever seen yesterday (that’s where the comments come alive and become better than the post). Hats off to Zack. Congratulations! Email me your mailing address and I’ll send it out. 🙂

Who is the best writing teacher you’ve experienced, whether through a book or live? Here’s your chance to sound off about it in the comments. Enquiring minds love to know these things here at More Cowbell!


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19 Responses to L is for Learning: The Best Writing Teacher I Know + a Milestone

  1. MARGIE! I am a Margie Lawson junkie. She brings such energy to the classroom. Get those lessons finished. I would so sign up for a second Immersion Master Class. We could bring six people from your posse. Tameri? Laura? K.B.? Zack? August?

    Second? Donald Maass. When I get stuck on a plot point, or question where I’m going (other than to diddle away time blogjacking), I take a break and read any random section in his Writing the Breakout Novel workbook.

    HOORAY for Zack! Why do I suspect our under(space optional)cover G-man is going to have to take a pass of providing his address? I’ve tried to get him to tell me where one might want to drive a Mini Winnie should said someone want to meet him. He’s a crafty one. If he tells you I’ll pay for that Intel.

    Um. Jenny? The pickmepickmepickmepickme subliminal messages are for a turn with your Cowbell Flat-Stanly-like project. I promise I’ll do right by the cowbell. Think of it! Billy Bobs and a ride on the bull (with pics). I’ll even get a cowboy to ring your bell. *double entendre grin of glee*


    • Donald Maass is THE man. Seriously. His new book is fanfreakingtastic. I recently found out he’s going to be in Canada at the same time as DFWCon and I had a moment of panic. Should I cancel my trip and crash his party? Yeah, I really did.

      Don’t worry, Gloria. I’ll still be in Dallas to party with you!


      • Phew! Unlike Zack, the G-man under(space optional)cover agent, I’m certain I could track you down, Tameri.

        Are you bringing your hot pink wig? sayyessayyessayyessayyes

        I must know in advance b/c I will find or dye a cobalt blue one.

        And, don’t think you can trick me into walking into the bar expecting a wig show only to discover I’ve been duped. Why?

        Because I would totally fall for it, and that has consequences.


        • Jenny Hansen says:

          Yes, everyone bring wigs PLEASE. Must get our pink and cobalt blue on. 🙂


          • K.B. Owen says:

            Oh, you guys, do you know how much I’d LOVE to meet y’all and learn/take pics/wear wigs with you!!!! (extra exclamation pts needed, sorry). And Jenny, I have a secret dream about going to one of Margie’s immersion classes, too. 😉

            Congrats to G-Man!



        • Of course I’m bringing my pink wig! BUT Debra Kristi has dibs on cobalt blue. She already has one, so I say she gets dibs. I’m picking up a purple one for Jenny. If you want to shoot me your phone number, Gloria, i’ll call you from the wig shop and let you know the choices. I’d be happy to pick up a wig for you, too. They have tons of colors/choices! I think you’d look amazing in a silvery/sparkly sortof thingy, or longish wild cherry red. Ooooh, cherry red. What do you think of that? Or lavender. I’m loving all the choices we have available to us! This is going to be one wild conference. I’m actually starting to get a little scared.


  2. Diana Beebe says:

    One of these days, I’ll get to take one of Margie Lawson’s classes. I’ve been thinking about it–a lot. No matter what I’ve learned from books, I always go back to the writing teacher I had in grad school. His voice is the one I hear when I’m not writing and finishing enough, “What have you written lately, Diana?” *shivers*

    After yesterday, I’m a little bit afraid of Gloria. 😀 (Totally kidding…maybe). At the same time, I’m so looking forward to meeting all the WANAs at DFWCon!


  3. Ginger Calem says:

    I love taking classes! I’ve taken many from Margie and LOVED them. It’s been on my list to attend her mountain immersion retreat. Don Maass is FAB as well. I’ve never left any of his workshops without a huge takeaway in craft and especially motivation and inspiration.

    Gotta say, my go-to writing instructor is Mary Buckham! She is the bomb-diggity!


  4. Three cheers for Margie and Donald! I couldn’t agree more! I obviously missed something yesterday even better than your usual stellar comments thread. I’m dashing back there right now to check it out.


  5. tomwisk says:

    I’ve always wanted to write. I’ve take classes, on-line seminars and listened to all the advice I can get. It comes down to three books; Starting From Scratch by Rita Mae Brown, On Writing by Stephen King and The Elements of Style by Strunk and White.


  6. Now that I am finally in the position to take a class from Margie, I can’t wait. I do have to say that I love Donald Maass and James Scott Bell. They both resonate in my mind. Which ya have to know is not an easy place to be these days. But we won’t go there. 🙂

    Ooh, you guys are gonna have a blast in Dallas! We want pics and inside info! I live precariously through other people. Yeah, I know. I’ve got to get a life! LOL!


  7. OMG, Margie is frickin’ AWESOME!!!! Best writing teacher I’ve ever had. 🙂

    Her Immersion Master Class is A-MA-ZING! I went last summer, and my group is meeting together again in Ohio this year. Margie is THE BEST. I have to say that I was absolutely ecstatic with the group I was in. We still talk and chit chat on a Yahoo group and one member of our group is my editing partner. Going to the mountain was the best money I’d ever invested into my writing career. 😀

    Donald Maass and James Scott Bell are both tied for close 2nd. And my first exposure to Don Maass was … Margie. LOL!

    I wish I could join everyone at DFW, but I look forward to going to both DFW and RWA next year. 😉


  8. rinellegrey says:

    Haven’t had the pleasure of a Margie Lawson class, so I’m going to have to pick someone else.

    The trouble is, who the best teacher is seems to change, depending on where I am in my writing journey. It started out that I read everything Ruth Cardello wrote. She inspired me to try indie publishing with her success. Then I discovered Jody Hedlund’s blog, and she helped me think a lot about revising and editing, which was exactly what I needed. Lately, I’m enjoying reading lots and lots of different blogs, and getting a little advice from each of them. There’s no way I could pick just one person.

    Rinelle Grey


  9. I haven’t yet taken any of Margie’s writing classes. But all the blog posts she’s written and I’ve read about her courses have been awe inspiring. Now I know where to spend my next month’s writing budget 😉
    I have to second Donald Maass as a great writing teacher. His questions are insightful and helpful no matter what kind of fiction you’re writing.
    Have a blast at DFWCon! And take a lot of pictures for us who can’t be there 🙂


  10. Julie Glover says:

    I just finished up Margie’s third prerequisite class, and I’m heading to Immersion in June! 😀 I have indeed learned a lot from Madame Lawson. As for craft books I’ve read, I’d probably give James Scott Bell a hats-off for great writing instruction.

    Congrats on post 500!


  11. Phil says:

    Wow! Congrats on post #500! Here’s to hitting #1000!


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