Egg Fever Has Taken Over My House

Baby Girl - Easter EggsThis isn’t Baby Girl’s first Easter, but it’s the first time she’s into it.

We’ve worshipped the bunnies and discussed eggs. She slayed us yesterday because she threw a plastic egg and, when it broke apart on the floor said: “It hatched!”

Thankfully, we’ve still managed to keep the secret of chocolate from her so she has no idea that she can eat all these bunnies that people are giving her.

She and I discuss her chocolate all the time by the color of the wrappers and I never, ever tell her we can open those wrappers and eat. (Some day she will kill me.)

So, whether you celebrate Passover or Easter or the God of Sunday Morning Coffee, I hope you have as good a time today as my Little Bean in the photo above.

Note: If you want to know more about our Easter traditions, click this link to hear about The Golden Egg.

Do you celebrate Easter? What are your traditions? If you’re a parent, how long did were you able to keep candy from your child? Enquiring minds LOVE to know these things here at More Cowbell!


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14 Responses to Egg Fever Has Taken Over My House

  1. Jenny???!!! Seriously??? You haven’t introduced Little Bean to chocolate yet? What in the world is she going to do when she gets to be 16 or 35 and starts experiencing PMS chocolate cravings? She won’t know what to do, and will wind up smacking the snot out of every guy she sees for 3-5 days a month until menopause puts her in an ornery mood and she smacks them anyway.

    Happy Easter! 😉


  2. Jane Sadek says:

    A big smile on my face for your little one. Easter was always big at our house. When I was little, Dad would get corsages for both my mom and myself. And of course, the Easter Bunny would come to see me. I have to confess that I’ve toned down my celebration nowadays. I even stay home from church to make more room for those who only come on holidays.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Well, since we had Babykins, we are one of those more sporadic visitors these days. We went from 90% attendance to 10% in one short year. 🙂

      My mama’s fave candy was the marshmallow peeps. I’m more of a jelly bean girl myself. 🙂


  3. That Little Bean is precious! The picture gave me my morning grin.

    Back-in-the-day when the Grands spent Easter morning with us, we used to hide plastic eggs all over the house with coins and dollar bills stuffed inside. Hey! We had to live with the sugar shock while their parents recovered from hedonistic parties the night before. Besides, my grandson awoke one morning when he was about 3 and announced he no longer liked chocolate.

    At least Sydney has now learned that trading her rattling egg for a silent one is NOT a good idea. Zach conned her out of money for years.

    Like Jane, we’re staying away from church today. When the church newsletter advises locations for off-property parking and shuttle service, it’s time to make room for those who can’t get up in time for church the rest of the year.

    Have a WONDERFUL day, Jenny.

    Erm. Inquiring minds and all that jazz. Which of those shiny colors do you unwrap first while hiding in your closet during Little Beans naps?


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Yep, she’s a cutie! And I can’t believe Sydney fell for that! Although when I think of what I used to fall for with my brother, I guess I can. 🙂

      I like the blue foils quite a bit, and the red ones that often signify dark chocolate. But mostly I’m about the jelly beans.


  4. Hiding chocolate from her? So you can have it all to yourself? 🙂

    Great pic! When my family were all living here we used to have a huge Easter supper. Colored eggs. The works. Now many are gone and moved away so we observe in our own way.

    Happy Easter!


  5. K.B. Owen says:

    Happy Easter to you, too, Jenny! I was never able to keep chocolate a secret, esp. for kid #2 and #3…but candy would mysteriously “disappear” after a little while!

    Have a wonderful day with the little one (glad she’s healthy)!



    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Well, of course not, cuz kid #1 ate it in front of them! I’d imagine you ate it in front of kid #1… Me? I actually don’t eat a lot of chocolate – usually 1-2 pieces a week. But I steal her candy regularly and give it to Daddy. Keeps him happy IYKWIM…


  6. Julie Glover says:

    Clearly, Baby Girl is a first child. My first child had no soda until age 3, the second…well, I’m too embarrassed to say. Chocolate was probably the same.

    I love your Golden Egg article. Well worth the click! As to our own traditions, this is the first year since having mobile children that we aren’t doing an egg hunt. Usually, we hide plastic eggs with candy (often chocolate) and coins in the yard, and the kids have to find them. One year, I did challenge them with riddles they had to solve to find the eggs inside the house. Otherwise, we go to worship service in which our church has a “blossoming of the cross” to symbolize Jesus’s death and resurrection. And that pretty much constitutes Easter in our house.


  7. tomwisk says:

    Jenny, Easter has kind of dropped off in my house. I do remember back in the day when I was in my tweens I went to all the Church Holy Weekend services. We had a Polish Easter dinner with the whole family after Mass when I was a kid but that went south after everybody moved away. As an adult when I cooked in hotels I spent a lot of time preparing food for others for long hours. Now it’s a time of contemplation on life and rebirth and how in the hell did I go from spending the day inhaling jelly beans (not the gourmet kind) to snacking on celery, carrot sticks and hummus.


  8. Diana Beebe says:

    She is such a cutie! “It hatched!” I love it.
    We go to some friends’ house for brunch. The older kids (including my teenager) hide the eggs for the younger kids (including my little one). It’s always a fun time.
    Mine learned about chocolate at a younger age than I would have liked–but it’s hard to control what aunts, uncles, and grandparents do sometimes. 😛


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