6 Things I Had To Share From My Weekend

I know, I know…I’m on a blog hiatus. But I came across some incredible things I had to share without delay.

Number 1: WANACon.

I talked about it last week, and I had a fantastic time presenting my LinkedIn workshop on Friday. But that’s not why I popped in.

I don’t believe I can convey in this quick post how informative and special this conference was, but I’ll try…

It was the kind of event where you take two hours to say goodbye because you don’t want it to end. And if someone had initiated a group hug, there’d have been a dogpile and a rousing chorus of We Are Family. And it wouldn’t have felt cheesy. There were 50 writers communing, and it was a truly beautiful thing.

WANACon was very, very special. The next time it comes around, RUN to enroll. That is all.

Over the last week, these five posts touched my emotions:

1. Made me laugh: Are You Ready To Have Kids? – a Quiz from Little White Lion

2. Made me cry: The Beauty of a Woman Blogfest 2 – a gorgeous gathering of posts!

3. Made me think: 12 Truths about Expanding Your Energy by Panache Desai (Oprah’s site)

4. Yessss: Taking the Mystery out of Wine Tasting by Susan Cooper at Finding Our Way Now

And #5…I had to smile at this sweet girl: 6 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence is Winning from VH1

What touched YOU this week? We’d love to hear about it down in the comments!


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14 Responses to 6 Things I Had To Share From My Weekend

  1. Julie Glover says:

    The only problem I have with all of the woo-hooing about WANACon is that some of us couldn’t attend. *sigh* I’m really glad it went well. I was particularly sad to miss your class (since you know how much help I need in the LinkedIn department). I didn’t watch the Oscars, nor Silver Linings Playbook, but I’m glad Jennifer Lawrence won. Have a lovely week!


  2. Diana Beebe says:

    WANACon was great! I missed the tailend of your session so I could help in the other room, so I’m looking forward to watching the recording.

    I forgot about the Oscars until late last night. 😀 I did turn it on in time to watch Jennifer Lawrence win (and stumble on the stairs). Her genuine shock at winning and the way she handled herself impressed me.


  3. zkullis says:

    The only thing I can think of is a story that my Mom had sent out to her children. It isn’t a new story, and is most likely something that many of your readers have already crossed. But I thought it was a powerful story, so I’m going to post a link to “Rescuing Hug”.


    *real men can cry*


  4. amyskennedy says:

    Thanks for the share Jenny, now get back to your time-off!


  5. filbio says:

    Some good links here to read. The wine one was right up my alley, and Jennifer Lawrence owned the Oscars last night! Fall and all.


  6. K.B. Owen says:

    I wish I could have done WANACon! (I had single-parent duty this weekend). Glad you guys had a wonderful time!


  7. Jenny, I am so happy that WanaCon was a success! As I told Kristen on her post, I asked Bob Mayer last year at this time why there were no online conferences. Why wasn’t he doing this? Do you know what his answer was? Nothing. He said nothing. He ignored my question. And then a couple of months later, Kristen annouced Wana International. And then WanaCon was born. I just knew that this was possible. As you know, I wish I could have attended. I was so jealous of y’all getting to experience this for the first time. I’m quite sure Jay collapsed afterward. Well, I imagine that all of you presenters collapsed. What a wonderful memory you all get to share. 🙂


  8. I don’t know how you manage to squeeze all of this into your busy life, Jenny! It sounds like it was a great success. The timing didn’t work for me this year but I will be checking the date early in 2014.


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