Links That Rocked My World (and Tickled My Funny Bone)

With Baby Girl sick (again) and me fighting it, I’ve decided we’re going to go for some laughter over our normal Techie Tuesday program.  Laughter truly is the best medicine.

Yesterday, we talked about How 50 Shades of Hay Led To the Amish Erotics. (Yes, you have to read it for that to make sense.) Today I’m going to share the links that I collect as I browse the Web, usually because they made me laugh or because I learned something.

Warning: Drink in moderation while reading these posts, particularly the last one…

You’re Not Really A Fan Unless You’re Wearing It On Your Underwears – a stellar post from Ellie Ann Soderstrom.

Hilarious Family Christmas Photos (FAIL) from My Organized Chaos

We missed World Toilet Day and International Men’s Day here at More Cowbell! Thankfully, Kristy K. James and Natalie Hartford did it for us. And trust me, you’ll want to read their posts. 🙂

And just yesterday, Leanne Shirtliffe taught me How To Cheat Using a Pedometer. STELLAR!

Some more serious posts (sort of):

Ginger Calem got this from Myndi Shafer and it rocked my world while Baby Girl had croup: Homemade Vick’s Vapor Shower Disks ~ a DIY project for any mom!

Fabulous links in this (more serious) post! News You Can Use by the Steve Laube Agency

5 Ways To Stay Motivated by Crossfit Lisbeth (This gal kicks ass!)

And my fave link from the last month…

I have a secret addiction to Damn You Autocorrect. It’s where I go to get my chuckles. Here are the 25 Best AutoCorrects of 2012 via Dave Stopera at Buzzfeed. (Below is one of my faves in the list of 25.)



That last link brings up a question that MUST be asked…Have you had any “awkward” autocorrect moments? Please DO tell us in the comments! Happy Tuesday to all of you.

Please share what’s on your mind today…all us nosy peeps LOVE to know these things here at More Cowbell!


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30 Responses to Links That Rocked My World (and Tickled My Funny Bone)

  1. Laura Drake says:

    No fair! It’s Tuesday! I felt safe, drinking coffee, reading your post! That autocorrect caused a coffee snort moment. You’re killing me!


  2. gingercalem says:

    Great links! Nothing better than laughing and when my husband and I read the autocorrect one, we had tears streaming down our face.


  3. I’ve read all of these. And we had a blast over the winter break, reading all 25 of those naughty auto erections. I mean, corrections. 😉


  4. *wiping tears, blowing nose* and I’m not sick. These links are beyond funny … I’m leaving the serious ones for later. I should have spent my time here before I put on my mascara! And then, of course, there was Renée’s comment. BAHAHAHAHA!


  5. I’ve had to go spellcheckless, though no funny autocorrect stories. (I am using autocorrect in my novel, or an autocorrect event? Okay, diving into the linkfest, even though it will kill my schedule! LOL!


  6. I love autocorrect. I usually tweet most of my weird ones. My husband and I, however, have developed our own autocorrect language. “Apollo” means either “I love you.” Neither of remember if we were indeed texting “I love you” when it autocorrected to Apollo but…whatever..

    Thanks for the linky love. You know I like it. 😉


  7. Jenny, Jenny. I can’t stop laughing. I adore your titles. Fifty Shades of Hay? Really? You kill me.


  8. First, thanks so much for including World Toilet Day here.

    Sorry to hear that you and Baby Girl are sick. I’m FINALLY getting over what I picked up at Christmas, and am trying play some catch up with my blog reading. Of course since you just fed MY DYAC addiction, it may be a while before I actually get to them. Jeez I waste SO much time on that website, lol 🙂


  9. tomwisk says:

    Lovely post. Damn You Autocorrect is a hoot.


  10. Jane Sadek says:

    My worst auto-correct moment was in an email. It changed Daryl to Darkly, which doesn’t sound so bad, but Daryl was the black boyfriend of my white galpal and we were discussing the difficulties of bi-racial relationships. OOOPS!


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  12. filbio says:

    Thanks for the laugh! Needed that on a long Friday at work!


  13. Dang, Baby Girl is sick again? Well, it is her first year in preschool… at least she’s storing up immunities so maybe next year she won’t get sick as often. Hope you both feel better!

    Those autocorrects are total crack ups. I don’t usually have bad typos since I’m a bit OCD about spelling everything out on the phone, but some of my friends do. They totally make me laugh and then the way my friends try to explain them is even funnier. Now that I think about it… this wasn’t an autocorrect thing, but once I accidentally tweeted what I thought was a reply to a friend’s text. It was mildly embarrassing. Especially since I was away from home and couldn’t delete the tweet right away.

    Now I always check who I’m replying to.


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