Happy 2013 From More Cowbell!

Did y’all have a good New Year’s? Did you eat black-eyed peas for good luck in the coming year?? You can never have too much good luck, you know.

I feel lucky every single January when I wake up safe and fed, and ready to take on the new year. However, this year I’m exceptionally grateful for each and every one of you here at More Cowbell. You keep me laughing and entertained year-round, and I thank you.

So, hey! Did all you WordPress bloggers get your annual report card from the WordPress crack-monkeys? It’s kind of fun, and just a little bit scary, to see your year in blogging laid out like this.

Here’s what they said about More Cowbell…

15,000 cans of diet soda were consumed at New York Fashion Week (I’m a little frightened by this stat). More Cowbell had about 130,000 views in 2012. If these were cans of diet soda, they’d power 9 Fashion Weeks.

In 2012, there were 242 new posts (that’s 4-5 per week…can you tell I LOVE you guys??), growing the total to 445 posts. The busiest day of the year was November 8th with 1,637 views.

The Posts with the Most Hits in 2012?

  1. Are You Fighting Dirty?
  2. Using The 12 Stages of Physical Intimacy To Build Tension In Your Novel
  3. More Cowbell Mash-up #6: A Shout Out To Moms
  4. Why Do Pregnant Women Get SO Much Heartburn?
  5. 5 Important Things I Learned Teaching Autistic Kids

And my own personal favorite for the year? It was actually a toss up between the Dr. Seuss-inspired Undie Chronicle, Man-Style Goes To The Zoo, and the 5 Signs You Have “Turkey Block.” Both those posts made me laugh myself senseless while I wrote them.

Now on to my favorite part of the “report card”…THE POSSE.

More Cowbell wouldn’t be have as fun if y’all didn’t have so much Cowbell. Here’s the people who shook their cowbell all over the place in 2012.

The 5 most active commenters for the year?

A special shout out is in order for Kathy Owen who wrote A Cowbell Timeline back in April. Not only did she get the entire history of the cowbell into a single post, she worked baby pics of me into the timeline. That took some spooky talent.

Have you taken a moment to give yourself a “blogging report card” from 2012? What did you like the most? What was your least favorite part? What’s your biggest goal for 2013? (Don’t be shy…hang that goal right out there for us to see!) Enquiring minds LOVE to know these things here at More Cowbell!


Last, but not least, we shared writerly links that rocked our world over at Writers In The Storm today (I think you’ll like ’em. 🙂 ). What fave link would you like to share down in the comments?

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Avid seeker of "more"...More words, more creativity, More Cowbell! An extrovert who's terribly fond of silliness. Founding blogger at Writers In The Storm (http://writersinthestormblog.com). Write on!
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39 Responses to Happy 2013 From More Cowbell!

  1. Louisa Bacio says:

    What fantastic information! Love your Cowbell! 😉 Hope to see more of you in 2013!


  2. Marie Trout says:

    Rockin’ in the new year, Jenny. Nice Stats! 😀


  3. K.B. Owen says:

    Wow, Jenny, thanks so much for the shout-out! You know you’d need a restraining order to keep me away from More Cowbell. 😉 My yearly report was way more modest, but guess which post was the most-viewed? Your One-Note Tips! And the other four runners-up were posts from 2011. Surprise, huh? I got a kick out of the countries that checked out my blog in 2012. What post were those 10 Morroccans looking at?

    Thanks for your wonderful support of my blog this year (you were one of my top commenters, too!)/ Here’s to a fab 2013 for all of us!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Really? How fun is that??!! And you deserve any and all commenters with those fab posts you put out. 🙂

      I like looking at the countries too. I’ll bet those Moroccans were checking out our kickass Holiday Yum recipes!! 🙂


  4. AMAZING! Congrats on one heck of an incredible year. The horizon is looking mighty fine my friend…..we’ve had so many belly-rolling laughs and good times that I know 2013 is going to blow it all out of the park. BAM! Here’s to your continued growth and uberlicious success….

    And here’s to another incredible year of friendship, fun and fabulousness to come…HUGS!


  5. Congrats! I love those end of the year reports. Much better than the ones that come from the bank! Happy new year, Jenny! Bring on the Cowbell. 🙂


  6. Emma says:

    Happy New Year, Jenny.


  7. S. J. Maylee says:

    Wow, Jenny, I’m not surprised by those big numbers. I’m looking forward to spreading the more cowbell word in 2013. Happy New Year!!


  8. YUP! I got my end-of-year report, too. I didn’t share the results because most attendees at Fashion Week would have had to kick their diet soda habit mid-week. I didn’t want to brag about saving the fashion industry from destructive behavior.

    I am, instead, celebrating your stellar results. Because big numbers for you confirms a plethora of treats of glee for your faithful Cowbell Posse in 2012.

    I do not have a competitive bone in my body right earlobe, so I did not set a goal to beat that late-to-the-More-Cowbell-year Zack Kullis in comments in 2013. I think his secrets lies in blog-jacking. Well, it could also be that he’s funny as hell, too. And, double dips on comments. And, snarks it up with word play. Other than that…

    I popped back to read your Turkey-phobic post. I don’t know how or why I missed that one because it is too Fu-freaking funny. I especially loved the comment by Piper. A new word! “Spatchcocked!”.

    [Note to self, Jenny, Natalie and all other brave bloggers: First to the finish line on a blog titled SPATCHCOCKED wins a pair of Elephant Man Undies. My dime, unless I win.]


  9. nice stats, Jenny. but i”m not surprised.


  10. zkullis says:

    Jenny! *bear hug* I would kiss you, but hubby might not agree with that kind of Brazilian warmth. 😉

    Thank you SOO much for the shout! It warmed me more than a bottle of Laphroaig Single Malt Whiskey. Your blog is always a fantastic read, as well as those of so many of your friends and fellow cowbell associates. I’m a bit of a cowbell junky.

    My blog is small enough to not warrant sending out a report card. 😉 That’s okay, because I don’t have too much extra time to allocate to it. My biggest “public” goal of 2013 is to publish my second novel (due back from the editor) and get my third published before the end of the year.

    Keep ringing the bell Jenny, we love it.


  11. Diana Beebe says:

    Happy New Year!


  12. I love the company you keep Jenny Hansen! What a great posse. Well, we are in the second day of the new year and so far so good! Looking forward to “More Cowbell” in 2013! {{Hugs!}}


  13. Patricia says:

    Yeah, the monkeys on crack sent me my WordPress Report as well. Apparently I need to get my butt in gear. Those monkeys need more crack. They’re going through withdrawals over at my blog space.

    And so my goal for this year is to blog at least twice a month. I know. Sounds crazy but I think I can do it. Not sure how you ambitious gals blog every day, but I’m going to try my best to get out there twice a month this year. I hope something doesn’t blow up in cyber world because of it.

    Great posse!

    Happy new year and here’s to another fab year of blogging!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


  14. Congrats on the stellar stats, Jenny. Looking forward to More Cowbell in 2013. 🙂


  15. LOL – thank you so much for prompting us to look at WITS – LOVE the link on writing short stories and oh I almost peed myself when I read the Blarney Stones breakdown of 50 shades.

    And WOWEE! Good job on your report card 🙂


  16. Well done, Jenny! No surprise with those stats. You ring that Cowbell better than anyone! Happy New Year!


  17. filbio says:

    Hi! Just stopping by as Susie sent me over from her blog. You have a great blog! I am more of a newbie blogger since October and hopefully will get my stats up over time.

    Signing up for your emails!




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