Some Holiday Yum and a Christmas Laugh from More Cowbell

Merry Christmas to all of you who celebrate it. I’ll be back here, ringing my Cowbell on Thoughty Thursday. Baby Girl is home all week so it’s gonna be wild at Chez Hansen.

In the meantime, here are two links and a video that made me smile.

Christmas Wishes for Our Readers at Writers In The Storm (there’s a pic of pregnant Jenny!)

Jess Witkins has added two STELLAR recipes to the Holiday Yum Blog Hop: Pumpkin-Curry Chicken and Blue Cheese Bread. Jess works in retail and she still found time to jump on this Blog Hop…I’m so impressed.


art by Ellen M. Gregg

The Full Holiday Yum Schedule – Tasty Treats You Won’t Want to Miss!

  • On November 17th, I kicked off the hop with my Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Meal.  There are lots of great tips for folks who need to eat GF, including some sneaky foods to watch out for!
  • On Nov 19th, Kathy Owen shared a salty-sweet, super-easy Spiced Pecans appetizer.
  • Ellen M. Gregg had us all drooling with The Chocolatiest Chocolate Cake – Evah on Monday, November 26th.
  • I shared the secrets to my family Almond Roca recipe on Wednesday, November 28th.
  • Estee Lavitt shared her mouth-watering Baked Latkes on December 2nd, just in time for Chanukah!
  • Natalie Hartford kicked off the cookies with her fabulous French Lace Cookies on December 5th.  Mais Oui.
  • On Dec 10th, Kathy gave us a Christmas cookie staple that’s yummy and versatile – butter spritz cookies.
  • Ellen M. Gregg whipped up her Old-Fashioned Buttermilk Sugar Cookies, along with Bulldog Punch, on December 14th.
  • Natalie Hartford continues the yummy sweets with her favorite cheesecake recipe on December 17th. (her story made me howl)
  • Candy-making the super-easy way: Holly Candy with moi on December 19th.

Still to come…

  • Jess Witkins shared her magic today.
  • On December 26th (Boxing Day), Kathy Owen will be posting about her super-easy beef rib-eye roast with currant jelly brown gravy, her signature Christmas dinner.  Hope her holiday guests don’t mind her taking photos of the food instead of them!
  • And, finally, to help us ring in the New Year, Natalie Hartford will share some festive and delicious Mocktail recipes on December 28th!

And in case cooking and baking aren’t your thang, here’s my fave Christmas video so far this year to make you smile:


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12 Responses to Some Holiday Yum and a Christmas Laugh from More Cowbell

  1. Hope you have a great Christmas Jenny – and an even better new year 🙂



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  3. Jess Witkins says:

    Thanks for the shout out! Merry Christmas Jenny! Will Santa see your cheetah pants? 😉


  4. Piper Bayard says:

    Merry Christmas, Jenny! Thought of you last night as I was making my granny’s candy. Managed to pull it off with goat milk. Think I might be bold and try that Almond Roca of yours. 🙂


  5. Merry Christmas, Jenny! Hope you have a wonderful one, and a terrific 2013!


  6. lynnkelleyauthor says:

    Reading this post is making my mouth water. Yum! That’s a great video! Haha! I hope you, hubby, and baby girl have the best Christmas ever and a healthy, prosperous, joy filled New Year!


  7. great video, Jenny. UPS did bring me my christmas gift this year. LOL


  8. Merry Christmas, Jenny! Don’t mind me. I’m going to gather up a plate of some of these fab munchies then hunker down and wait for the rib-eye treat. 🙂


  9. MERRY CHRISTMAS to Jenny and fabulous family!! MUAH!!!

    Love the video…LOL!!!


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