1000 Words of Joy in One Tiny Picture

Okay, I’ll admit it…I’m biased about this photo.

It was taken when I was not around and, every time I look at it, I can’t stop smiling. Even though it’s a bit grainy, the pure joy in this picture made it difficult for me to look away. My prayer when I saw it was for my daughter to remain this happy forever.

Below is Baby Girl, sliding down the slide with the wind rushing past her face. She’s so enamored of her dolly that she wouldn’t put it down for even a moment.

What has made you smile lately? What do you most wish for the children in your life? Enquiring minds LOVE to know these things here at More Cowbell!


Announcement: A bunch o’ bloggers are getting together to share their Holiday Yum with you! I am kicking this endeavor off tomorrow with details about my gluten free Thanksgiving prep. If you are having issues going GF over the holidays, please tune in!

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14 Responses to 1000 Words of Joy in One Tiny Picture

  1. That’s a fantastic picture, Jenny, which will bring a smile to your face for years. One has to answer that smile! While organizing some of our photographs, my hubby found one of our sons opening Christmas presents when they were 4 and 2 1/2. Both are rapt, concentrating on tearing the paper open, but it still makes me smile many years later.

    My fondest wish was that they would be close. Even as young men, they are–and that makes me smile, too.


  2. K.B. Owen says:

    Oh, Jenny, I LOVE this pic! She looks just like you. What a sweet little gal. 😀

    And thanks for kicking us off on our Holiday Yum Blog Tour! We’ve got some fab recipes lined up, folks: appetizers and rib-eye roast and latkes and cookies and donuts and cheesecake – with mocktails to finish it all off! And that’s just some of the deliciousness! Want to join us? There’s always room for more! Message me @kbowenwriter.

    Oops, sorry Jenny – I just blogjacked you. 😉

    Happy Thanksgiving,


  3. Jane Sadek says:


    Most recent joy? A day at a travel show with my best friend – two joys in one.


  4. Laura Drake says:

    I love this because it shows her spirit – looks like she’s rushing to meet her future – whatever that will be. You should have it blown up and put on canvas (I know Costco does that, cheap!)

    Recent joy? Hanging with the two kids and two grandkids, watching the AGGIES beat the hell out of ALABAMA! Whoop!


  5. Sherry Isaac says:

    Funny, Jenny, I was thinking less than 20 minutes ago, that our cat, Tucker, is so cute, I laugh almost every time I look at him. He does funny things, gets into all sorts of mischief, but even if he’s doing nothing, he’s just so darn cute!


  6. Carrie says:

    We have this picture of my oldest when she was around 10 months I guess on a swing. The look on her face is magical. It is by far my husband’s fav picture of her and lives on our fridge, almost 6 years later 🙂


  7. Unbridled joy. That is childhood. Kind of makes your heart sing, doesn’t it?

    I have this photo of William and Vivian on a ride at the Calgary Stampede when they were 4. It’s a close up and has the same feel of your pic above.

    Love ❤ (it may have taken me 2 minutes to type that heart….)


  8. Cute! Can’t wait to see your post for GF Thanksgiving. My SIL will love me for it. I’m always looking for more fabulous recipes. I have a gluten-free kugel that is to die for. Seriously amazing. You’d never know.


  9. What a sweet little girl. Just like her mama. Children are so precious and such a joy. I’m enjoying grandchildren now and it’s amazing how much more I treasure them…every moment is a special blessing beyond what my children were. shocking to me but so true.


  10. Jess Witkins says:

    Such a cute photo! I love looking at my travel photos. They make me joyful.


  11. amyskennedy says:

    I’m with Jane–she is a mini you! What joy!
    My wish for my children is to believe in themselves.


  12. So sweet! When nothing else is going right, a smile like that brightens the world. I echo what Amy said – helping children to believe in themselves is the greatest gift we can give them. The future of our planet depends on them. Happy GF Thanksgiving!


  13. Kathy Walker says:

    I have a picture of Jonathan and Tom when Jonathan was about 4-5. He has that look of pure joy. It is my favorite picture and is hanging in my house.


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