Thundershirts For Humans–A Bazillion Dollar Idea

My Shingles Cocktail

When you’re (a) in bed with a shingles headache, or (b) trying to forget about your stupid shingles headache, social media is a nice distraction.

Plus, I can do it on my Smartphone in between naps.

On Facebook the other day, I saw the following status update from my cousin, Tara: “Ordered Bob a Thundershirt. Now, even the wind is freaking him out because he associates it with the power going out.

I’m immediately intrigued because:

  1. I don’t know who Bob is (she’s married to my cousin, Kevin)
  2. I have no clue what a Thundershirt is
  3. You might remember that Hubby is a fan of Thunderwear

Note #1: Thunderwear is the under-your-pants holster I featured in Episode 3 of the Undie Chronicles.

Regarding Note #1: I’ve actually been discouraging Hubby’s Thunderwear purchase all year because I don’t want him to accidentally put a bullet in the parts I like.

Anyway, the light dawned in this Facebook exchange when people started mentioning doggie Xanax and doggie Prozac. (I had no idea that existed.) Tara’s talking about calming treats and calming meds (and Kevin is already mostly calm) so I figured out that Bob is a dog.

I still didn’t know what a Thundershirt was until she sent me the link. Of course, I had to go look it up…

  1. They have them for cats AND dogs.
  2. Supposedly, they are “the proven solution for dog anxiety, reducing it by up to 80%.”

Note #2: I am DYING to know what my Pet Pal, Amy Shojai, has to say about these.

Here’s the video (Does anyone else find the dog’s face speaking to be a little…creepy?):

I’m likely on too many meds right now because I’ve been killing myself over the idea of having Thundershirts for humans.

I think they’d be aces for menopausal women and teenagers of all genders.

Are y’all with me here? The next time I freak out from hormones, Hubby can just strap one of these babies on me!

I can hear the conversation:
Honey, back away from the chocolate and the sharp objects…and maybe it’s time to get out your Thundershirt.

I wonder what would happen if we paired Thundershirts with Thunderwear**…I bet I’d make a bazillion dollars. Menopausal women and senior citizens everywhere would build a shrine to me.

[**Don’t freak about teen safety – we’d limit the Thunderwear model to those over 21.]

Have you used either Thundershirts or Thunderwear? Do you think I’m onto a money-maker here, or just hitting the apple cider vineger too hard? What do YOU do when you need to “calm your nerves?” Enquiring minds always want to know these things here at More Cowbell!


Re: HURRICANE SANDY ~ For all of you that are doing storm prep and/or expecting potential outages, please let us know how you’re doing as soon as you can! If you can get us a comment or a tweet, we’ll be happy to make calls for you if your phone service is busy or down.

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57 Responses to Thundershirts For Humans–A Bazillion Dollar Idea

  1. LauraDrake says:

    Phenomenal idea, Jenny! I’m thinking a version for writers, who are on deadline, and hopped up on caffeine! We could make a killing!


  2. zkullis says:

    I love this idea. (The dog is creepy)

    “A giant wearable hug that NEVER ends…” How can you go wrong with that?

    For those of us that crave more physical attention than we get, something like this would be fantastic. I agree with you Jenny. They should also make the thunder-wear.
    What if we combined Tickle-me-Elmo (minus the talking and giggling) with the thunder-wear……

    Just thinking out loud. I’m not saying I would buy it. 😉


  3. GENIUS Jenny. You are totally on to something here. You are going to be a GAZILLIONAIRE!!!

    Another market, oversexed partners. I’ve had a hard day. All I want to do is come home and have a bath and relax. But hubby, after seeing my new undies, is all reved up and ready to rock. I strap on the Horny Husband Thundershirt and BAM…he’s instantly satisfied, calm and off to Zen out on the couch….ahhhhh….thundershirt! Every wife’s bestfriend.


    I can see hubby now…”noooooo…pleasssseeeee nooooooo…not the thundershirt!!!”


    In all seriousness, that dog was CREEPY!! But I have heard about this and have thought about buying it for Tess since she is riddled with anxiety. When my cell phone bings and vibrates with a text, she starts shaking and drooling from the nose. Don’t even get me started on when we leave the house or a thunderstorm. OMG! How sad is that?! I might have to order one…and maybe I’ll sneak a second order in to rig a little something up for hubby and experiment?!?! Hmmmm….LOL!!!


  4. susielindau says:

    Cool! I could use a Thundershirt! Hahaha! Love the video… what a gimmick!


  5. Julie Glover says:

    I don’t have a dog, so I haven’t used them. But my vet swears they work! She sells ’em like crazy when a hurricane is coming our way (Texas Gulf Coast).

    I love the idea of a human thundershirt! Is there anyway to make them for babies? You know, when those little ones just WILL NOT FALL ASLEEP because they’re too worked up? A perpetual hug for a baby, and a little extra doze-time for mom, seems like a decent idea. Love it, Jenny!

    Take care of yourself. You have a lot of moms out here who wish we could come pamper you while you’re getting well.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      We just swaddled and Baby Girl totally slept like crazy in the swaddle. My Hubby did the most Grade A Engineer-Man swaddle we’d ever seen. The entire family would gather to watch him. 🙂


  6. amyshojai says:

    Urk…hadn’t seen that creepy talking dog. *shudder* But Thundershirt DOES work–I’ve reviewed it before, have pictures of Magical-Dawg modeling his (he doesn’t need it):

    AND a video of Seren-kitty wearing hers (she does sooooo much better at the vet while wearing hers!)–doesn’t stop her talking, though 🙂

    People don’t need a Thundershirt–they just need a pet on their lap. That reduces stress probably as effectively!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Coolness! But I’d still like “the hug that lasts all day.” 🙂


    • It could be a godsend for parents of autistic kids, though. They already have “hug machines” in some therapy centers for a similar purpose. (And when I’m anxious I’ll admit, even I wrap myself in a blanket as tightly as I can). It’d be kind of an interesting thought at least. 🙂


      • Jenny Hansen says:

        Yep, Karyl, you kow I thought about that first thing. Temple Grandin invented the squeeze box for herself and they use it throughout animal husbandry too (because it works).


  7. Tara says:

    You crack me up! Yes, Bob is a dog and a wonderfully good looking one too -much like his daddy. I think I might have to go check out Thunderwear.


  8. Can we get a Thundershirt for Hurricane Sandy? Seriously. That’s 700 miles of Thundershirt. Someone could make a fortune. 😉


  9. tomwisk says:

    Brilliant! Thunderwear is a great idea in practice and funny as hell. I’ve got an ex brother-in-law who’d be at the factory door to buy the first one. He’s not a gun nut but let’s say he has an inordinate relationship with an assault shotgun. Me, no way. I’m unarmed and even if I was armed it took too much work to get the naughty bits in the game to risk an accident.


  10. This friend told me that the thing she missed the most after her divorce were the hugs. So this might work. Or it might be Monday that we think this would work. LOL!


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  12. K.B. Owen says:

    Sounds like a fab idea, Jenny! Sure hope your discomfort is gone soon! Hang in there!


  13. Amber West says:

    Actually, I am surprised they don’t make these for people. They do sell weighted blankets for children with Aspergers (I was just researching this for a loved one) and I was wondering if those blankets would work with other anxiety issues.


  14. Hey, that’s my dog up there with the creepy face. ….just kidding. Actually, I looked at this the other day in the pet store. I have two dogs who think they must alert every state around us if a squirrel breeches the unseen boundaries of our yard. Evil squirrels.


  15. “A giant wearable hug that NEVER ends…” That’s a briliant marketing line. I would prefer a real hug instead. I’m sure it’s great for dogs but humans might be a little more complex than that.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      It’s FANTASTIC marketing. Plus, I got to see one in action last night on Halloween. My neighbor has this turbo-neurotic dog, and you could see the difference once the shirt was on. Who knew??


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  18. I GOTTA get one of these for Jack. He’s going to be 5 next month, which is what? Thirty-five in dog years? He still acts like he’s six months old. And God help me if someone dares to walk on the property next door. He thinks anything he can see is HIS property…and he will bark until he can no longer see them.

    Yeah…the talking dog is pretty creepy in a weird kind of way.

    But yes, sometimes I could really use a hug…so hurry up and invent a human version please. Unless you can talk Robert Downey Jr. into swinging by here for a while. 🙂


  19. EmmaLea says:

    I could use this I have social anxiety and other medical issues, this would help a lot.


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