23 Bits of Amazing Bloggy Brilliance That Rocked My World

Welcome to Techie Tuesday here at More Cowbell! Today’s (incredibly shiny) links have been gathered over the last month or so because their sheer awesome-ness blew me away. And I’ll be looking to you, my friends, down in the comments section…I can’t wait to see what other treasures you’ve found lately.

Now, on to the bloggy brilliance…

More than anything, we love to laugh here at More Cowbell…so link #1 in the batting order is a site that’s been making me ROFL this month.

It started like this:

When I heard some tweeps discussing the new book from October Jones based on the Text From Dog Tumblr site, I had to mosey over to check it out. I mean, hello?? DOG. And it’s absolutely cracking me up! I adore Dog’s creative use of the word, “asshat.”

No relation whatsoever to the previous asshat reference is a wide world of bloggy goodness in the form of…

Writing Links!

If you only click one link in this section, Margo Berendsen‘s Writing Tips is the best gathering of writing links I’ve seen in a post (EVER). I warn you, it’s long!

Also awesome are:

Finally, Reetta Raitanen‘s Links Feast and Gene Lempp‘s Blog Treasures continue to blow me away. I always come away from their posts with 5-10 tabs open in my browser.

Publishing Links

Again, if you only have time to visit one place, I recommend Jami Gold‘s post The New Writing Paradigm, Part 2: What Value Do Publishers Add. Part 1 is also a great read.

Also fantastic are:

Social Media Links

Just plain awesome…

There’s a ton of magnificence that comes across my computer screen every day, but these are the links I wasn’t sure if you’d seen.

Now back to you…what links do you have to share? Have you discovered new bloggers lately, or do you have a post we particularly need to know about? Enquiring minds always want to know these things here at More Cowbell!


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41 Responses to 23 Bits of Amazing Bloggy Brilliance That Rocked My World

  1. The lasy thing for me to do right now is to just go to my weekly round-ups and pull a few links from that…but I’m too lazy to even do that!

    Buy let’s say despite me having a ton of blogs on my feed, we have little overlap. There’s the StumbleUpon post and the Jami Gold one, but that’s it.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Chihuahua, I have all those same blogs on my feed and I love them – I just think people like Gene and Reetta (and it sounds like you too) assemble those posts in a weekly awesome-fest that is a must-read. Because y’all cover it so well, I save the “off the beaten path” links and share them about once a month. 🙂


  2. Just checked out 3 Everyday Things that Drain Our Brain. LOL! I’m definitely going to agree with the beeps. Every Monday morning at 5am…garbage trucks backing up in the city. It’s the worst alarm clock ever.


  3. Diana Beebe says:

    I’ll be going through all these links later when I can enjoy reading them. Looks like a great list of information. Have a great day!


  4. Working on my where I’m from piece now! Great links, Jenny!


  5. Jenny, speaking of “awesomesauce spinkled with glitter”, I had to put my shades on to deal with the brilliance of this post of yours! How will I ever get any work done today with these fantastic links?


  6. Wow, great link line up! I am still working my way through it! Holy cow! And on an irrelevant side note, my sister gave me more cowbell for my birthday. I got two little cowbells and some cowbell earrings. LOL Have a great day, and of course, more cowbell!


  7. amyskennedy says:

    Awesome links! I’m bookmarking a few, still need to read more…and go to, um, work! I’d like to add another great writing post, Marcy Kennedy’s 5 Basics ABout Dialogue You Need to Know.
    Tried to add the link — failed. But you all are smart, you can find it!


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  9. Fabio Bueno says:

    Fantastic links, Jenny! I LOL’d when I saw the 5-10 tabs opened after you visit Reetta’s and Gene’s posts: I do the same 🙂 Now I’m off to open many tabs due to your post…


  10. Jess Witkins says:

    Now who’s talking? I’ve just come away with more than 5 links to check out! Great mash up, Jenny, love the variety. I’ve read August’s post and it was awesomesauce dipped in glitter. Her writing these past few months has been SPOT ON in insightful and helpful posts. She’s one to watch for sure! Thanks for assembling more of those posts for us!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I agree on the Awesome-August front – I’ve loved watching the trajectory of her blog. She’s rockin’ it!! And you are quite welcome for the list of links. 🙂


  11. thanks for the shout out, Jenny!! And now I’ve found more places to go play…yay!!


  12. Gene Lempp says:

    Awesome mashup, Jen! There are a few on there that I’ll be sure to check out, like Andi Roo, love StumbleUpon. Thanks for the linkage 🙂


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      You’re so welcome, Gene. It was fascinating to see some of the philosophy behind StumbleUpon. Because of that, I keep it open at work now and use it a bit more often than I did. I’ve seen a difference.


  13. Julie Glover says:

    Love the links! Thanks so much.


  14. Emma says:

    Right, I’m hopping over to Killing Your Sales One Shot at A Time. Sounds ominous.


  15. Aw. YOU are awesome-sauce dipped in glitter. Thanks so much for the sweet shout out, and for the awesome list of links. Writers can’t go wrong with Reetta and Gene’s mashups, and I see a bunch must-reads I’ve missed.

    I’m currently at something that rhymes with furry pooty but I’m not allowed to say. So… I’ll mention the funny post that brightened my sitting-still-too-long day: http://ellieannsoderstrom.wordpress.com/2012/09/04/tall-tale-tuesday-kick-the-can/ Much like you and your blog, Jenny, Ellie Ann’s tall tales can’t be beat.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Furry pooty??!! Oh my God, you’re freaking hilarious. What a way to get around admitting that you’re hanging with a judge today. LOL…

      I’m going to go see Ellie, who I love. I thought I’d subscribed to her but evidently I fell off the list and need to get back on! Thanks, August. 🙂


  16. Karen McFarland says:

    Fabulous Mash-up Jenny! There needs to be more time in the day to read all this amazing information. Of course there’s Gene and Reetta. But wow, there is just so many delicious morsels of awesomeness! Since so many have expressed feelings of exhaustion and burn-out, I wrote this post last week called, “R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Just A Little Bit…” http://www.karenmcfarland.com/r-e-s-p-e-c-t-just-a-little-bit/ In it, I talk about how Life just happens and the many things that happen out of our normal routine. Yet, how do we get through it? I hope it gave people some comfort and encouragement like I always feel when I’ve dropped by one of your posts. 🙂


  17. Took my one day to read the full things in the post, but was very informative and I like “The New Publishing Paradigm, Part Two: What Value Do Publishers Add” new publishing paradigm for make retailers happy alot.


  18. Jami Gold says:

    Great list of links, Jenny! And now you can bask in the glow of knowing that I just opened between 5 and 10 tabs after going through this collection. 🙂

    Thanks for the links to my posts too! *hugs*


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  20. Ack, how did I miss this post. Thank you so much for the mention, Jenny. I came out of this post with 7 tabs open 😀 I love how your links are so varied.


  21. lynncswc says:


    Just reading through this inspired me. I have this link bookmarked for further study. I thought it deserved The Very Inspiring Blogger Award:



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