With Election Season Upon Us, I Bring You Some “Democrat Panties”….

Almost a year ago, I put this video up for the first time and unknowingly started The Undie Chronicles here at More Cowbell.

In the interest of Monday entertainment, and the upcoming election season, I’d like to revisit this clip with Sister Myotis. This video’s loaded with some serious COWBELL! And I don’t know about you, but she had me at “Amen.”

Note: If you make it through the whole four minutes without a single giggle, you and me are gonna have to chat down in the comments…

Democrat vs Republican Panties

With the Republican National Convention this week, I think it’s important that we answer the burning question brought forth here about whether the skimpy drawers in question are truly “Democrat Panties.”

It seems to me they’re more likely to be “Republican Panties.” I mean, isn’t the age-old debate between the two parties whether to “cover more” or “cover less?” I’m just sayin’…

What’s your favorite line of this video? (Mine is still the “Godly cotton panel.”) Have you encountered funny links that we need to know about? After watching this video, do you think these thong underpants are Democrat Panties or Republican Panties, as I”ve surmised? Enquiring minds always want to know these things here at More Cowbell!


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21 Responses to With Election Season Upon Us, I Bring You Some “Democrat Panties”….

  1. zkullis says:

    Ha ha ha! LMAO That was great Jenny! I think this was my favorite line: “This is a fecal nightmare! A weapon of mass corruption!”

    …….. And yes, Jenny, those panties that have enough material to make a sizeable hammock (with enough material left over to crochet a week’s worth of thongs) are without a doubt, republican panties! (amen)


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      See, Zack…I think the thong panties with their parsimony of material are the RNC panties. LOL… Nothing like a “weapon of mass corruption” to liven up a Monday morning. 🙂


  2. K.B. Owen says:

    LOVE Sister M! Thanks for the Monday laugh, Jenny. It was especially timely for me this a.m. Hard to pick a fave line, but when she started calling on the audience, and a GUY was standing up…what a hoot!


  3. I could watch it a hundred times and still ROFL each time!!


  4. Sharla Rae says:

    Loved it Jen. Amen!


  5. Oh, I remember the first time you posted this video. It’s been a year already? Seriously? Anyway, I was laughing so hard I was crying. I can watch this over and over and it never gets old 🙂


  6. Julie Glover says:

    So based on your argument that less (thongs) means Republican, does this mean that Libertarians go commando?


  7. tomwisk says:

    LMAO. Funny is forever and true.


  8. LOLOL! Definitely the thongs are Democrat. LOLOL!


  9. Well, I think Obama is hanging on by a thread . . . so . . .

    I’m just saying.

    Either way, politicians on either side are basically just a pain in the ass . . . so . . .

    During debates they don’t really COVER the issues . . .

    Oh, I could go on an on.

    Funny video. I too like the Godly cotton panel line. That’s priceless!

    Patricia Rickrode
    w/a Jansen Schmidt


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      You’ve got your “pun” on, Patricia!! I LOVE IT. And now I can just picture our politicians sitting in Washington with “just a little string running up their hineys…” ROFL!


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