Vote for Team Rob in the 2nd Annual Blogging All-Star Challenge!

Are you going to shower your children with blessings by voting for Team Rob?! Or, just forget the blessings part and support our WANA pal, Leanne Shirtliffe (aka Ironic Mom). What do you say?

[Vote! Vote! Vote!!

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11 Responses to Vote for Team Rob in the 2nd Annual Blogging All-Star Challenge!

  1. Aren’t you sweet. But I already knew that. Merci, as we say in Le Canada.


  2. I hope Team Rob wins. At least Leanne’s avatar looks like her. And since I don’t know 1/2 of the people on my team and some aren’t even currently blogging… um, yeah. I’m not working too hard for this one. I think I was picked as the token Jew. And I’m not kidding.


  3. emaginette says:

    “No insects were unharmed in the taking of this photo.” LOL I’ve seen the grill and am thankful someone is out there taking care of business. Bugs are not my favorite thing. 🙂


  4. geostan51 says:

    Having just been in the ICU, I’ve been wanting to tell you, Jenny, that you’re right. We all need more cowbell. Or is it Callbell? At any rate, I always enjoy your blog. Keep it coming.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Oh, I’m so sorry you had to do an ICU stint! That’s never fun. Thanks for the compliments – there’s definitely mucho Cowbell on the horizon. I sure hope you get to feeling better SOON!


      • geostan51 says:

        Oh yes, I’ve passed the tests of competence, and have returned home, to assisted living, where I can be taken care of, just well enough. I’m doing pt here at home, and am on the mend: already feeling much better.


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