Birthday and Blogiversary – Party! Party!! Party!!

Today is an exciting day! Tonight’s a birthday extravaganza for my Honey Bear…we are partying down at Chez Hansen today. Then, we’re on to see lounge act extraordinaire, Phil Shane. This guy is freaking hilarious.


I’m trying to figure out this vlog business! I promised y’all a video for the blogiversary, so it will be so. 🙂

I’m laying in my garden this weekend!!! I’m so excited.

I’m planning the More Cowbell First Anniversary festivities.

And I’m saving some energy for 2nd ROCK THE ROW Party on April 4, 2012!!! Lena Corazon and BarbaraMcDowell are building the playlist right now and I just bought a bottle of Italian Champagne. We are gonna party the night away!

So, Risky Baby Business will be back next week, but we’re on Party Hiatus today.

Am I missing anything for the More Cowbell festivities?! Here’s your chance to make your wishes known…


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12 Responses to Birthday and Blogiversary – Party! Party!! Party!!

  1. Congratulations! This can’t be blogoversary 1? It feels like you’ve been here forever! And I mean that in a good way. Lots of love and more cowbell in the upcoming year.


  2. Brenna Ash says:

    Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary! Cheers to many more!


  3. I think it actually has only been one year, Renee. She must have just awakened one day as a professional writer.

    Congrats, Jenny. Have fun today and tonight.


  4. Congrats on the blogiversary and happy birthday to your honey bear. 🙂

    Btw, I had to do a double take to realize you were “laying” in your garden instead of “lying” in your garden. LOL


  5. Congrats on your blogiversary Jenny.. and Happy Birthday to da honey bear..


  6. Way too much fun! Wish your honey a happy happy birthday (belated) and tell him he totally rocks the March 29th Cracklesauce!!

    Happy Blogiversary to you More Cowbell!!!!


  7. tomwisk says:

    Congratulations on your blogerthday. Many more posts, may they flow from you to your loyal followers. Tell your hubs he’s a lucky man.


  8. Reetta Raitanen says:

    Congrats for the blog’s birthday. What a good year it has been. I’m really excited to see your vlog.


  9. Happy, happy everything Jenny! Have a fun evening and here’s to many more years of More Cowbell. *clink* and ((hugs))


  10. Ryan King says:

    Rock on! Congrats on the blog’s birthday. I hope there are many more to come 🙂


  11. kittyb78 says:

    Happy Birthday Honey Bear and Happy Blogaversary! How exciting! 🙂


  12. *champagne corks popping* Congratulations on establishing yourself as one of the blogging greats, Jenny! Don’t ever stop!


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