Coffee-Snorting Holiday Videos

It’s the holiday season and shoppers are rushing around with their hair on fire, trying to find the perfect gift for their loved one. My personal preference is to give personalized gifts…a picture of Baby Girl, a scarf I knit, my famed baked goods.

Not only do I find it more fulfilling to make the holidays about a personal statement of love, but it’s a bit frightful at the mall this time of year. I’d rather bake at home and shop online.

In honor of your need for a Monday belly laugh in the midst of your holiday rush, I’ve compiled a few of the holiday videos that made me laugh this week. In an ironic gesture, after my plea to y’all to help me sanitize my language, I’ve got some potty swears this week. Go figure.

Now, put down that beverage and prepare to laugh…

I loved Myndi Shafer’s, Shopping for Idiots. This little gem of hers SLAYED me! Three words: Mormon Disco Ball.

Below is the classic SNL skit with Justin Timberlake, featuring a simple DIY gift that any man can master. Although, I must say, I’d rather hubby just get me an Amazon card…

As I mentioned, I’m a fan of baked goods. When I looked for my favorite  SNL skit on the subject (with Alec Baldwin) I realized the YouTube video has been pulled. I’ve included the link to “Schweddy Balls” This is dude humor at it’s best…a must-see if you’re a Schweddy virgin.

And it just wouldn’t be More Cowbell without some Funny Undies. This video answers the burning question of when “togs” become “undies.” (They had me at “Togs.”)

How do you plan for your holidays? Are there gift outlets we should know about or traditions you’d like to share? What gave you a huge belly laugh this week? Enquiring minds always love to know here at More Cowbell!


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42 Responses to Coffee-Snorting Holiday Videos

  1. HYSTERICAL!!! I can totally see hubby giving me a little do-it-himself Xmas present like that (God help me)! I wonder if he’d sing and wear an 80s suit and do 80s hair?!?! Hmmm…that might almost be worth it?!?! LOL!!
    Togs vs Underpants – LOVED it. Now we know! 🙂
    Perfect way to start my day!
    Holidays. Well we usually do a huge Xmas at my Mom’s Xmas Eve with her and my step-Dad’s side of the family. We do dinner followed by opening all the gifts. Xmas morning, hubby and I have a quiet gift opening with the dude and then we set off for a 2 hour drive to see hubby’s family. So it’s pretty standard and I like it. For shopping, I try to buy people things I think they’ll love (so I definitely hit the mall) but I always include the receipt in case they’d like to use that cash towards something else. I don’t mind the mall so much because I bring hubby with me and he does the Christmas plow ahead of me. That man’s ruthless. LOL!
    Happy Holidays!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      If Hubby decides to give you a gift of the Justin Timberlake variety, I am positive we will here about it on your blog and laugh till we cry. 🙂 Those 80’s outfits are beyond funny.

      The Togs/Undies video KILLED me: Togs, togs, togs, Undies in that snooty little accent. BAHAHAHAHA…I’m gonna laugh all over again.


    • Hartford's Hubby says:

      I’m off to order some Togs – Undies – Togs!
      LMAO – classic Jenny Hansen!


  2. K.B. Owen says:

    Natalie, sounds like you have a great system going! Jenny, loved the videos – I remember that SNL skit, LOL!

    Have a great week!


  3. Julie Glover says:

    I nearly fell out of my chair watching these videos! As for my holiday preparation, I am just now trying to gather up some holiday spirit to get going. In fact, I have an upcoming post with a quiz on whether you are a Christmas person. (I’m not really, but I try!).

    I wonder if those togs come in holiday colors.


  4. Jane Sadek says:

    Getting my baked goods as Christmas presents would be akin to coal in your stocking, so to the mall I must go.


  5. Stacy Green says:

    OMG, I hadn’t seen the SNL/Timberlake video. He’s hysterical, and that video is awesome. And the Sweddy Balls is a classic. I don’t know how they kept straight faces through all that.

    Holiday prep? Ugh. I’ve ordered more online this year than usual. My mom and I are doing one shopping trip Wednesday and that’s it. I should be done by then. Christmas is becoming more of a hassle, lol.

    Thanks for the laughs!


  6. Annie says:

    Love that SNL/Timberlake song. I’d love them to do another this year.
    Togs vs. Underwear is hysterical. Love the old grandma squished against the bus window next to him. That would be me!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Annie, I’d completely be cringing away from all that long lanky nakedness. He really rocks the “being natural in your undies” thing but I can’t count how many times I’ve had to see wa-a-a-a-ay more skin than I wanted to out in public. Of course they always sit next to me.


  7. OMG, Jenny! I can always count on you to make me laugh! I love the look on that old lady’s face while she tries to shrink away from the undies dude. Priceless.

    I like to gift friends with my baked goods too. Most of my shopping is done online since I dislike shopping in general. Or maybe I like a company of my computer, hah.


  8. Dick in the Box made me fall in LUV with Justin Timberlake!
    I mean… I hope that came out the way I meant for it to …. Love his music, but that vid made me laugh ’til I cried!!
    So now I’m laughing over togstogstogs… undies.
    First off, my teen sons roll their eyes and smother a grin when I fold clothes and ask, “Are these YOUR undies?”
    Now another little bit of slightly off mom-to- guy humor to share for Christmas — Thanks Jenny!
    (BTW… it’s nothing compared to LMFAO’s Wiggle vid, which my sons have most certainly seen more than once!)


  9. Well now! Since I just watched ‘Bad Teacher’ over the weekend (horrible flick, save your rental $$) and got to be treated to Justin dry humping Cameron, this makes the video that much funnier! Justin is awesomesauce covered in chocolate.

    My son thinks Schweddy Balls is hilarious and quotes it allllllll the time. Me? Not so much. Every time I hear Schweddy, I think of gross scrotums and want to vomit. Eh, maybe that’s just me.

    Hey Pamela! I have that video on my blog coming up on Wednesday! It’s too freaking funny.

    Togs, togs, togs, undies. Love it! I might have to put this video under the LMFAO vid on Wednesday. They both rock.


  10. I’m working on a fast approaching deadline but couldn’t resist checking out your links and video clips. Thanks for the laughter, Jenny. That’s exactly what I needed to get me back to work. 🙂


  11. Hartford's Hubby says:

    WHOA – ahhh- HAHAHAHA – It’s a great Christmas treat for the ladies!


  12. Hey Jenny! I’ve been crazy girl for a couple of weeks but now I’m back and laughing thanks to you. I’m a huge fan of Schweddy Balls and sorry to hear YouTube pulled it. Dang! But thanks for taking up the slack with Dick in a Box. Not certain if I’ll share that with my hubby. Togs, love togs! Love the way that guy says togs too. LOL

    My dear mom who’s in a nursing home now, used to make a great plum pudding with caramel saucs every Christmas. Now it’s up to me to make it but it never seems to taste as good.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Kate, when my mom passed, I despaired of ever being able to do some of her recipes. If you know how they taste and you keep at it, you’ll be able to get it going, even when they’re not available to advise you.

      Have you tried making it and taking some to your mom?

      p.s. I’m soooo happy we gave you a laugh today!!


  13. Emma Burcart says:

    Dick in a box is my favorite holiday song! I keep hoping JT will do something on SNL for the holidays again. It doesn’t matter how many times I see it, I laugh every time. The togs commercial was funny, too. I’m not sure what they were selling, though. There was a shot of an ice cream in there that looked just like the “Danky Crack” they sell in Chile. I took lots of pictures and ate a bunch just so I could say things like, “Man I ate a ton of danky crack!” So fun!


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Danky Crack???!! OMG, that is funny. Wow…I know someone that ate Danky Crack. I don’t know whether to run or bow. Hmmmm….

      Justin Timberlake does the best SNL Christmas skits. I love ’em!


  14. Thanks for the “put down your beverage” warning. With four adult sons in our family you can bet that SNL skit gets mentioned every year at some point! Hilarious! Loved the “togs-undies” video and that “propah” accent was the perfect touch! Jenny, here’s a link to some Christmas undies I thought you might find of interest for your by now world-famous Undies Chronicles. The Reindeer Musical G-string for men was a bit of an eye-catcher! Ho!Ho!Ho!


  15. timlobrien says:

    Oh my, you’ve done it again!!


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  17. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched the D*ck in a Box Youtube video….it’s one of my favorite SNL Digital Shorts EVA! Sorry, I went a little gangsta there….


  18. So cool, Jenny! Thanks for including me on the list. Love D**K in a Box…classic. And there are just no words for Schweddy Balls. 🙂


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  20. Everything seems to be making me laugh this week, your post included! Yesterday I had a laugh-induced belly ache from a turkey hat I found on Amazon ( Duh, of COURSE I ordered it. 😉


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  22. Omigosh! D*ck in a Box is one of my favorite songs! Along with J*zzed in my Pants and Puked in my Mouth. ROFL


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