Will You Look Back Without Regrets? by Marcia Richards

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Will You Look Back Without Regrets?

I admire strong women. Those who step out of the comfortable zone where most of us dwell.  Women of courage and determination despite their struggles. Women who set out to follow their passion despite the odds of reaching their goal. These women don’t strive to reach for their dreams for publicity or pats on the back. They do it because they have to. The quest calls to them and won’t stop calling until it’s mastered. 

Photo credit: Christi Barli

One such woman, Diana Nyad, Open Water Marathon Swimmer, is someone you should get to know. I’ve been following her story and I’ve never been more inspired.  

62 year-old Diana Nyad is an athlete and her message to others has always been persevere, live your life, follow your passion. She has been an inspiration to millions around the world. Diana’s recent expedition was her third attempt to successfully cross open water in a specified number of hours.

Training for this event was a 2-year haul. By August 2011 she was ready – physically and mentally. She would swim the 103-mile stretch from Cuba to Florida’s Keys in 60 hours. She began with confidence but not long after beginning danger struck. Diana was attacked by Box Jellyfish – venomous and aggressive ocean animals – a mass of them that covered a 1/2 mile area. She was attended to by her staff and chose to go on despite the extreme discomfort.

The next night, the jellyfish attacked Diana again. After being treated with shots for the pain and a neutralizing liquid on the burns, she got into the water again to continue. She was determined to realize her dream.

Each time the team stopped during these attacks, they drifted a little further off course which meant more time added to the swim. Her handler was worried for her health and advised her not to try again, but Diana needed to get back in the water.

The third attack the following night caused Diana’s dream to crash down around her. She had been so severely injured, if she were attacked a fourth time it could possibly end her life. No one was willing to take that chance.

One week after that horrific experience, Diana appealed to her blog readers for support and help in finding a way to deal with the feelings she was left with when the expedition failed. Even with an outpouring of supportive from her fans, it was a struggle but she did finally come to terms with the extreme disappointment and was able to look back on the attempt with pride.

Diana has many other projects in the works that will bring her success. The Huffington Post has nominated her for the Ultimate Healthy Living Game Changer and she is also a WOWSA Woman of the Year Nominee -Inspiration and Determination Redux. And she has other dreams – a one-woman show, a book, boosting her fitness business BravaBody.com. She isn’t lacking in motivation or supportive, loving admiration.

And yet, she feels she must continue to pursue her Xtreme Dream. Here is what Diana says:

So here I am, unable to turn away from this Xtreme Dream. Swimming from Cuba to Florida has grown far, far beyond a sporting event for me at this point…The vision of reaching that shore is alive in my soul now…I will never give up. I will make it from Cuba to Florida. For me. For you. For all of us who want to live inspired lives.

The folks at World Open Water Swimming Association believe Diana a worthy nominee of their award because of “her motivating nature, her relentless work and her genuine efforts to help women over the age of 40 become fit and live boldly…”

If you are so inclined, you can vote for Diana here.  You can visit Diana’s blog here to read the full account of her adventure and view the amazing photos and videos. I promise, you won’t regret one second of the time you spend on her site.

So, pulling ourselves back into our own little ordinary worlds, let’s consider our levels of commitment, perseverance, and determination to reach our goals. We have what it takes, but can we follow through? And what if we fail as Diana did?

If we fail, we take some time to lick our wounds and have a pity party. Then we put our ‘big girl panties’ back on, get off our butts and get back in the game! We remember what Diana endured in her efforts to reach her goal and the fact that she’s not done yet.

Finally, we will reflect on our past attempts with pride in all our hard work, have confidence that this next attempt will be more successful and live boldly with no regrets, because every failure is a learning experience that brings us one step closer to reaching our goals.

You wouldn’t give up, would you? No regrets, right?

Marcia Richards is a veteran blogger and author of Marcia Richards’ Blog…Sexy. Smart. From The Heart. Marcia writes about Sweet Obsessions, Women, History, and the path to realizing your dreams. She has a Historical Trilogy and a collection of Short stories in progress. When she’s not writing, she can be found playing with the grandkids or her husband, traveling or turning old furniture into works of art. She believes there is always something new to learn.

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27 Responses to Will You Look Back Without Regrets? by Marcia Richards

  1. WOW, just wow! I already had Jenny’s “stealing my groove (not!)” post from yesterday teed up for my blog post tomorrow. This one deserves to be there as well.

    It’s all about determination, looking forward–no regrets. Thanks for the additional fodder, Marcia.

    Blog hopping for inspiration today! Thanks.


  2. K.B. Owen says:

    Wow – so inspirational! It makes the setbacks I deal with seem like a vacation. Thanks for sharing her story with us, Marcia!


  3. What an awesome woman. No retreat, no surrender, and no prisoners. That’s the way to go after a goal. she is truly inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing.


  4. Laura Drake says:

    Oh Marcia, you have no idea how much I needed to read your post. I voted for Diana (I hope everyone who reads this post will.)

    It doesn’t matter where you start. It doesn’t matter when you start. It only matters that you begin, and that you keep moving forward. Thank you for the reminder.


    • Marcia says:

      That is absolutely the truth, Laura. Don’t give up, keep getting up and trying, time and again. That’s the only way to succeed. Thanks for reading Diana’s story. Truly inspiring.


  5. Stacy Green says:

    Wow, what an inspiring post, Marcia. I have so many regrets in life, mostly because I felt like I didn’t give things my all and let a lot of opportunities pass me by. That’s why I’m determined not to give up on the writing thing, and (partially) why I’m going through the query process before considering self-publishing. I don’t want to have any regrets this time!


  6. I think as writers we have to be prepared to fail. Not everything we write is going to be stellar, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try again.


  7. Awesome post! A very inspirational kick in the pants. Thanks for sharing her story.


  8. Jenny Hansen says:

    Thanks for being such a kickass hostess over here, Marcia! Great post, and it looks like you have things well in hand. I’m gonna go blog hopping through the Life List Club. David’s post and your post have already revved me full of inspiration. I can’t wait to see what else I get!


  9. Thanks Marcia. I’ve been a fan of Diana’s for a long time. Just went and voted for her!


  10. Wow! Such an inspiring story. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.


  11. Jess Witkins says:

    Fantastic post, partner! More things we have in common. I read the book Grayson by long distance swimmer, Lynne Cox, and she recounts her hours long trek with a baby whale in search of his mother while she was out training in the ocean. Another inspiring tale by a strong woman. And I can’t image Diana dealing with all those jellyfish repeatedly, what nerve! I’m off to check out her site!


  12. Wow – WOW!! She is an incredible and powerful inspiration to never give up on your dreams and your passions. I love it. I am so glad you shared this Marcia (and thanks for hosting Jenny). I love stories about strong, empowered women who believe in themselves! I am all pumped up now…woot woot!


  13. hawleywood40 says:

    Wow – what an inspiring woman! This sheds a new and refreshing light on determination and rising about defeat. I can’t wait to check out Diana’s blog. Thank you for sharing her story, Marcia!


  14. Catie Rhodes says:

    What an amazing, inspiring story. I can’t imagine going on in conditions like that.

    All my life, I’ve pushed hard to achieve. Only in the last few years have I realized it is important to take chances and to feel and believe with all my heart.

    I hope I don’t regret not doing xyz at the end of my life. But I bet I will. There are so many paths that I can’t imagine being able to say I took them all. 😀


  15. Wow Marcia, great post!

    What an inspiration. The big message that I’m taking away with me is never give up!

    Yet, I did notice that she wasn’t alone. She was surrounded by her team for support. How important that is when we are in trouble. We need support, we need our team. Some things we cannot do alone, or shouldn’t do alone. And why would we want to?

    Thank you Marcia!


  16. There has many times I have felt it’s too late for me. Life has passed me by. Diana makes me realize I shouldn’t give up just yet. 🙂


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      OMG, Angela…you absolutely shouldn’t be giving up yet. Plus, you have a new grandbaby coming and you and that babe are going to discover new worlds together!


      • Angela says:

        I won’t. It helps that I want to set a good example for my girls and the new grandbaby.Then there is my husband and the rest of my family. I’ve got plenty of reasons to keep trying. 🙂


  17. Sherry Isaac says:

    Late to the party, again. Knee-jerk response is to feel like a major dud. Then, I recall times of adversity in life, when I could have lied down but didn’t.
    This past week, I was feeling particularly overwhelmed and seemed destined to spin my wheels forever. I chose to write a list, a BOO HOO TOO WOO HOO List (too intentionally misspelled). I listed things I accomplished since last November.
    Not such a dud after all.
    Thanks, Marcia, for sharing this inspirational story.


  18. The uplifting inspiration I feel from reading blog posts like this one is amazing. Thanks to Jenny for hosting Marcia, and to Marcia for reminding me to “never, never give up.” Sometimes I may need to retreat and regroup (like this past month), but I will return to battle against my obstacles and attain my goals!

    As a woman and an athlete, Diana Nyad has always been an inspiration to me. And she will continue to be. 🙂


  19. For some women like myself, I cannot give up for I will die. As a recovering addict, I find Ms. Nyad’s inner strength and philosophy as a tool for me to draw on. In fact, I am back in the water challenging small swims like Alcatraz.


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  21. Lee L. says:

    wow i found this when someone i knew suggested i read this about diana nyad then i found your blog too. inspirational women are all around each us – and it is time we notice each and every one – these times, no matter what your political leanings or even your personal finances, job security or lack of, or personal story.. we all seem thrown off balance to some degree – every one is talking about restarting, jump starting, re invention, moving forward etc – a good friend of mine franne golde has been a personal inspiration to many of us in her circle – franne is an award winning composer (whitney houston, faith hill, christina aguilera etc) and a writer (her autobiography about her journey from the mid west and a broken home in the ’50s and her entry into the world of R&B when she was a young skinny kid and not part of that world..yet!.. is going to publisher) BUT her own journey about picking yourself up NOW and moving forward – her fabulous home parties where she finds and sells great clothing where us gals past our rock n roll years( i am not trashing juicy couture BUT really? most of us are long past that right? and even eileen fisher seems , well, a bit mature and conservative) WELL franne has sold clothing lines to benefit a school for kids twice exceptional ( smart but with challenges) AND that morphed into franne’s closet.. a chic, hip line sold directly as well as online – franne poses the question ‘what’s next?’ – and her blog and online magazine touts pushing onward, expanding, not giving, remembering to acknowledge our girl friends and to give back – so many great women!


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