Risky Baby Business: Because Sometimes Pregnancy’s Funny

OK, I had a whole blog planned…a serious interview with my husband about his highs and lows during pregnancy. It was gonna be freakin’ awesome.

And then I saw this video and laughed so hard I thought I’d pass out. Here are the two most exceptional video parodies of Beyonce’s All The Single Ladies video that I’ve ever seen.

First up: a pregnant mommy with some sassy junk in her trunk:

Next up: father laughing at his baby, rockin’ out to Beyonce’s funk:

Swollen ankles have NO chance against this redhead and the diaper-clad dynamo.

What do you think? Is that enough to cheer up any pregnant lady on this fine Saturday?


In case you find today’s levity less than amusing, I get it. Sometimes pregnancy sucks. Please click here to find some more serious Risky Baby Business posts. Have a great weekend!

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8 Responses to Risky Baby Business: Because Sometimes Pregnancy’s Funny

  1. Piper Bayard says:

    Love the before and after videos here. What a hoot! But as a dancer, I can say with confidence there is no way that woman is really that pregnant. Well. Unless they took her straight to the hospital after she made that video. But I loved it. Thanks, Jenny.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I’ll confess that my first thought was, “She would so fall on her face in those heels if she was actually pregnant!” But the video and lyrics are so great, I forgave her immediately. 🙂


  2. Annie says:

    Very funny. That baby really wants to bust a move! Love the stares the woman in the first video gets. Hilarious. Great way to start a day!


  3. Roflm. What a hoot. I’m not pregnant but it still cheered up my day!


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