8 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Footprint

Last week I attended a free two-hour seminar on social media provided by Constant Contact (my new BFF). While it’s true that I went for work, writers are their own small business so YOU get to benefit as well. It is Techie Tuesday after all. :-)

Look at this article from Business Week back in 2008 – Social Media Will Change Your Business. There’s a fun recap at how far things had come since 2005. (Light years!) Now compare it to the L.A. Times article this week, Social Media Giving Small Firms A Boost, which cites social media as a portal to success for small businesses.

Here are eight low-cost tips to help you expand your current social media footprint:

  1. Voicemail
    If you haven’t added your Facebook address and Twitter username to your voicemail, you are missing out on some cheap easy marketing. Hundreds of people hear your voicemail each year and it could be the push they need to connect with you online.
  2. Your website
    Does your website have clear links to your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page? What about to your blog? If someone finds your website, you want to make it easy for them to find the rest.
  3. Printed materials
    Do you have your social media information printed at the bottom of each letter and brochure you put out? What about on your business cards? It’s easy to make room in the address block for something so important. Try including this the next time you print any materials.
  4. Email Signature
    Do you have all your social media info in the signature blog on your email? It’s amazing how many people will click that link if you make it easy.
  5. Email marketing
    It’s a good idea to build an email list and use it for some email marketing. I didn’t say spamming. Once a month is fine for connecting. Once a day is not. Be sure to include all your links as well as a periodic promotion. You’ll be surprised at the results. Tools like Constant Contact can track this for you.
  6. Signage
    Do you have a sign up at bookstores or tradeshow events telling your customers readers how to connect with you via social media? It’s likely you’re missing out on some contacts you could have made. When people are browsing these places, you’ve got a pretty captive audience. I’m discussing QR codes next week to expand this idea.
  7. Business presentations
    Do you do any public speaking? Your social media contact information should be on each slide, in any handouts you provide and should also be verbalized at the beginning and end of the presenation.
  8. Cross-promotion between platforms
    It’s a very good idea to be sure that your  customers readers can find you anywhere. The easiest way to do this is to list your social media information on each platform – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and your blog.

Remember, “Content is King” – nothing will replace good content. But Social Media is Queen these days and small businesses writers should cast their social media net as widely as they can.

Are there any social media marketing tips you’ve found helpful? Which platform has worked best for you? How many of you have joined Roni Loren on the Tumblr train or circled up with Patrick Thunstrom, Jami Gold and Kristen Lamb on Google+?


Last but not least, are you ready to party???
Starting tonight at one minute after midnight EST (which means (9:01 pm on the West Coast!) a bunch of us are gonna light up the Row80 hashtag on Twitter and ROCK THE ROW to celebrate Round 3 and get ready for Round 4 of Row 80. I’ll have a new post up for the event this evening – I hope you get busy with it too because there’s prizes. :-)

Click here to read ALL about it!

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41 Responses to 8 Ways To Grow Your Social Media Footprint

  1. So true sister!! It’s really easy to add my social media tags to all my published documents. Why haven’t I done it yet?! Not sure but that is my next topic at the staff meeting! Thank you for the great reminder.

  2. Hartford says:

    Love this! Definitely a few things I hadn’t thought of. Cross-referencing is key to make sure your target audience is hearing about you in any number of mediums. Fantastic ideas and I am definitely going to share with a few small organizations I know who will benefit. Rockin’ stuff!

  3. Fae Rowen says:

    Great EASY ideas that even I can do, Jenny. Thank you for sharing your expertise! Love from Kauai.

  4. Can’t believe I’d never thought of putting my website and Twittername in my email signature blocks. You can bet they’re there now. Thanks Jenny.

  5. Sharla Rae says:

    I so depend on you, Jen to teach me this sh** uh, stuff. Thanks for the reminders. Now, I need to get the lead out and do all this. :)

  6. Laura Drake says:

    Jenny, you are getting to be a guru in regard to marketing — you may even (gasp) rival your mentor, Kristen some day! Great tips – thanks!

  7. Shtuff, that’s my new favorite word.

    Great ideas! A few I’m not there yet, but will certainly keep them in my purse for the day I need to whip them out and flash my shtuff.

    Before my last conference, I had new business cards made up with all my social media goodness on them. Whoohooo! I was ahead of the game and didn’t even know it. ; )

    Thanks Jenny!

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      LOL, Tameri! It’s a damn good word, isn’t it? The nice part about these tips is you can implement them early and easily. Business cards count as printed material, you know!

  8. I’ve been doing some research for my day job on good email marketing companies. Constant Contact is on my list. Now with your reference, it stands higher on the list. :)

    Great tips here. I will need to review these.

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Nicole, I was shocked at how many were were NOT implementing at my workplace, and the only one that costs is to add the info to the business cards on the next print run and to make a sign for the front desk! Easy peasy…

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      p.s. I really like Constant Contact – I’m finding it easy to use. But the tutorials and seminars and webinars ROCK! They make the emails fairly cheap and I’m sure it is to get people to use them as the email marketers. Still, if you’re basically tech savvy (which you are), you can do it yourself.

  9. I think I’ve pretty much got all of my bases covered. I considered checking out Google+ after FB made their latest changes and my husband went berserk lol but I already have very little time to write. I can’t imagine having to juggle yet another social media platform.

    This post was really helpful, thanks for sharing. I forwarded it to my husband who owns his own small business…great tips!

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      The last FB change sucked because it was them doing an answering push to Google+ (where only individuals and non-profits can join at this point).

      Still, I’m sticking with FB because it’s like having a hosted website to have a page – as I learn more about it, I’m starting to like it more. I still like Twitter the best though. :-)

      I’m with Kristen Lamb…the whole point is to build community and write!

  10. catwoods says:

    Great, easy to use tips. And so simple as to be invisible.

    Thanks for sharing them!

  11. I’m with Kate Wood on this one. I joined Google+ but haven’t figured out how to fit yet another little thing into my social media schedule. Great tips. Thanks!

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      You’re most welcome, Jolyse. And it sounds like your social media schedule is full enough. (Though hopefully it’s not soooo full that you can’t party with us on #ROW80 tomorrow!!)

  12. Roni Loren says:

    Great tips! I’m on the fence about doing a newsletter. It’s like–do people really need to hear from me on a blog and once a month in their inbox?

    • Jenny Hansen says:


      On the newsletter front, I think a quarterly one to announce signings, personal snippets and things about the book(s) will yield good results. Everyone simply isn’t social media, as much as we’d like them to be. The fact that your online info is in the newsletter might push them to connect with you online and get them to your blog.

      • Roni Loren says:

        Good point. Perhaps I’ll get a newsletter thingy set up by the time the book comes out so that readers can opt in if they’d like. Thanks. :)

  13. lynmidnight says:

    I love this post, jenny, it’s very helpful. :)

    I haven’t done most of these points because I’m not in any business per se. I mean, I like to link everything online together and I do a good job of it because the first 5 google pages when you search my name come up with all of my profiles and links. Yay! But I haven’t bothered including those in emails or voicemail. Hmm, you’ve given me food for thought. Tnx!

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Thanks, Violeta! I sat there in that seminar shaking my head. I just couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of putting e-info on our printed materials…

  14. deb watt says:

    Jenny, my favorite soc-media geek,

    You’re so slick, I love your common sense approach to co-mingling media, and how you break it down so it flows like a board game. Now that’s a novel idea!
    D. A. Watt

  15. Jenny, GREAT post. I can’t stop laughing at myself. I’ve never even thought of something as simple as an email signature. LOL – Thanks for pointing out that I’m super blonde. Heehee

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  19. How did the party go? Not doing ROW80 so I didn’t join. Some of these social media aspects are good for the business. Now, if I can get my boss to work with me on this. As for me, taking it slow. :-)

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Oh, Marilag – we had SO much fun at the party! You should have stopped in, whether you were doing ROW80 or not. You sure do encourage me on my journey. :-)

  20. Voicemail?! How obvious, but I didn’t even consider it. Thanks Jenny!!

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