Me And The Cartoon Fish – Guest Post by Emily Moir

Welcome to Lovin’ Friday here at More Cowbell where anything can happen, as long as it involves something I love.

Today’s post is from Emily Moir, fellow Life List Club member. (And you know I LOVE the Life List Club.) This is her post that got pre-empted last Friday due to SNAFU’s.

Emily is on deck to take comments today, plus you can find her any time on her blog. I’ll be lurking around too, adding my opinion whenever possible. Here’s Emily…


When Jenny told me the theme was Lovin’ Friday, I immediately wanted to do an article on Lauren Bacall that I’d been meaning to get to. Turns out that it was harder than I thought it would be. So I went with plan B.

Truth is, I’m like five-years-old on the inside. I love chicken nuggets, hot dogs, blowing bubbles and kid’s movies. One kid’s movie I love is Finding Nemo. First of all, I have an unnatural obsession with fish. Secondly, one of the quotes I live by comes from the mouth of a short-term memory challenged fish:

“Just keep swimming”

I’ve always sad that you don’t get to the end of a road by lying down and dying in the middle of it.

It’s the same sentiment repeated in another kid’s film I love and previously blogged about Meet the Robinsons. “Keep moving forward”. However, as much as I adore singing frogs and the fact that T-rexes have ridiculously small arms, it’s the fish that keeps one metaphorical foot in front of the other.

You see, a human can stop moving forward and still survive, but if certain types of fish stop swimming they die. This is the part where we ignore the snobby fish with advanced pump systems that allow them to be lazy and focus on the swim or die fish.

I’m a swim or die fish myself, and for far too long I wasn’t swimming. The general drudgery of life weighed me down and I allowed myself to sink to the bottom, barely moving enough to survive. My inner fish was slowly dying.

In that last death gulp, I decided to swim. I decided to embrace playing in the rain, pretending clouds are dragons and be as my new hero The Bloggess puts it, “furiously happy”. It’s not just moving forward, it’s swimming up. If I want to reach the top, it’s simple.

Just keep swimming.

Are you a swim or die fish? What keeps you swimming? And of course, how old is your inner child and do you remember to indulge him/her?

Emily has lived in Utah for nearly twenty years, and in the Tooele area for about fifteen of those years. When not writing, she can be found with her nose in a book, lurking around the movie theaters or out enjoying nature. Emily primarily writes fantasy, short psychological-horror, and humorous articles. She is currently writing a fantasy series entitled The Chronicles of the Gossamer Dreams.

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14 Responses to Me And The Cartoon Fish – Guest Post by Emily Moir

  1. Jess Witkins says:

    I’m proud of you for fighting furiously for your happiness Emily! Keep it up; we’re all rooting for you!


  2. Hartford says:

    We are only here once so fighting to be furiously happy every day is a worthy life mission. Keep swimming – we are all in there swimming at your side!!


    • Realizing what it means to only have one at life is one of the reasons I decided to swim up. It’s one thing to hear, but another to understand it. I’m glad to hear you’re swimming to. I’ll see you at the top 🙂


  3. Sherry Isaac says:

    I heard ‘Finding Nemo’ about ten times before I ever saw it, while driving cross country, DVD player rolling in back seat. (Rolling as in movie reel rolling, not literally. Snort!) Love the get up and go attitude, Emily.

    Jenny, just so you know, I do love lots and lots and lots of things. One of them is guest blogging. Just sayin’. You know you can find me on FB


    • I understand how that goes. I’ve seen the first ten minutes of Alvin and the Chipmunks too many times to count but have never watched the movie all the way through. I’m willing to bet some the dialog for you was interlaced with, “How much longer? I need to pee!”


  4. amyshojai says:

    Love this fish story. And love the line “furiously happy.”

    Gonna jump in the deep end and dog paddle furiously, too.


  5. Wonderful! Go out there and get your happy on!


  6. I love the whole concept of swimming up and I’m so happy you’re going after the joy. The struggle is worth it. My inner child is probably four or five. In fact just writing that makes me want to go out and buy a box of Crayons and that is the coolest feeling in the world. Thanks! Keep writing and swimming Emily.


    • Crayons are awesome and coloring is great therapy. I just picked up Captain America and Thor coloring books myself 🙂 Four or five is a great inner age. I think that’s when kids have the most fun.


  7. hawleywood40 says:

    I love, love, LOVE “Finding Nemo.” I took my niece to see it and cried in the movie theater, and it has made me laugh and blubber at home too at least 5 times since then! And yes, I’m a swim-or-die fish. Like you, the simple things keep me swimming. A good cup of a coffee, a beautiful fall day, my ferret’s furry little face, a hug from a special person, a favorite song. And writing, of course. Always writing.


  8. Yes Pam, always writing. When all else fails write. That was my first go to when I decided to start swimming.


  9. Love your advice. Live your life and don’t stop living it and settling down. After all, we’re meant to live and enjoy our lives.


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