More Cowbell Mash-up #3: Tax Day

Welcome to the Tax Day 2011 installment of the “More Cowbell Mash-up!”

Accountants are an amazing bunch. I know, I know, this is the time of year that most of you curse them. I used to do the same thing, until I worked with them.

For the last fifteen months, I’ve been inside the life of taxes, financial statements and year-end planning. I’ve learned terms I’d never heard of, along with acronyms and abbreviations that I can’t hope to translate for you here. And I’ve seen two groups of accountants work like Trojans to ensure that the IRS (those demon-spawn killers of April joy) leave their clients’ bank accounts in peace.

In honor of these hardworking individuals, below are the Top Relaxation Links that I’ve browsed this week. May all tax professionals (and the rest of us Tax Payers too) have the freedtom to take the next week off, put the feet up, browse these sites and find the perfect antidote to the Tax Season Twitchiness that plagues the best of us.


Hysterically funny “Ode to Accountants” from Chuck Wendig – I warn you, it’s a bit crass…

Amazingly enough, I saw these same 10 Relaxation Methods on SIX different blogs. Maybe they’re onto something??

Everyone raves about yoga for relaxation. Having tried it, I can share that it is all about the breathing. However, I recommend you be careful which sites you read on the subject, some get you going a little too…enthusiastically, while others are just icky. Direct quote from a beginning yoga link: Before you start, clear your bowels and have a glass of warm water. You should also clean your nostrils of all mucus. Ewwww…. Personally, I prefer a spa pedicure.

Instead, try Rebecca Pacheco’s 10 Tips for Yoga Newbies.
If you plan to have a Spa Day – check out these spa tips from the gals in the UK.
Here are some YouTube videos that might crack you up – #9 rocks!

Since we could all use a little More Cowbell, here’s a link to the video that inspired the name for this blog:

Last but not least, GET SOME SLEEP! Here’s the Top 10 Ways to Sleep Smarter and Better.

What is your favorite way to relax?

See you tomorrow for Techie Tuesday with Help For Those Late-Night Fights With Your Blog!



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  1. Laura Drake says:

    Thanks for the Monday laugh – Chuck Wendig is my new BF!


  2. My favorite way to relax? Light a candle, put on my man’s pj pants, and curl up in my loveseat with my blanket & remote control. Now I can also call my relaxation “research” for my blog Tele-Tuesdays! Win-Win.


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