More Cowbell Mash-up #2

Welcome back to the “More Cowbell Mash-up!”

Just as an FYI (because some of you have asked) the Mash-up concept is based on the idea that we are all diverse and perverse creatures with a wide range of interests. The way it works: I give you a window into my web surfing for the week (see the bottom of this post) and you use the comments section to tell me about yours.

Last Friday, I took an impromptu road trip up to the Bonaventure (circular hotel featured in the 80’s show, It’s A Living) to attend the Romantic Times (RT) Conference. It was worth every moment of traffic and all the money I spent on parking which, in Downtown L.A., is a LOT of value!

I saw so many authors and industry professionals that I admire and have provided links to their blogs / websites below (in the order that I saw them).

Angela James: Nice Mommy ~ Evil Editor
Sarah Wendell: Smart Bitches, Trashy Books
Sue Grimshaw: Classy lady who’s now at Random House…Keep an eye on her!
Dean Koontz: Great video blog from this generous writer.
Deidre Knight: Her author blog and her agency blog!
Monique Patterson: An older but awesome interview of Monique.
MaryJanice Davidson: Fabulous funny woman! Her blog.
Kristen Lamb: Always a great blog to be found here – she’s a rockstar!

Drop by tomorrow for some more Techie Tuesday fun. Last week’s post on Track Changes made all my writing friends send me virtual hugs of gratitude and hopefully y’all will have a similar good time with tomorrow’s post.

For those who want a basic roadmap to what types of blogs will post on which days:

Mondays: More Cowbell Mash-up (includes the great things I read that week)
Tuesdays: Techie Tuesday (tips on software, along with any technical aspects of writing)
Wednesdays/Weekends: If I have something on my mind, you’ll see it on a “W” day…these are usually more thought provoking posts
Thursdays: Currently devoted to the Triple D (Disastrous Dating Don’ts)

Below are the posts that intrigued me this week:

I discovered The Wheeler Centre (located in Melbourne, Australia) last Friday with this post and have been browsing through their Dailies section. Good stuff!

Top 100 Creative Writing Blogs – from of all places. This list will make you feel a little drunk (with anticipation) if you’re a writer.

Organization: File Versions by Cid Tyer. Those of you who know me well are aware it wasn’t the “Organization” part of the title that caught my eye.

510 Stage Hero’s Journey – this is a lo-o-ong site, but rich in resources

Practical EQ – 7 Components – As a professional trainer, Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is extremely important. I browse a lot of blogs on this topic.

In the meantime, I hope to see some of your favorite sites in the comments. I need some new places for late-night surfing.

Till tomorrow,

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  1. SAMMI says:

    Howdy Jenny..Keep writing& I keep reading:Promised..started from scratch since last Friday=Keep the ink flowing.Sammi:@59GEOLETTES


  2. I like to read Grace H Lewis’ blog and I also enjoy her Vietnam photos; Amy Shojai’s, Cid Tyer’s, and I could go on and on and on….I’ll save the rest for my mashup next Friday!


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