More Cowbell Mash-up #1

Welcome to the 1st installment of the “More Cowbell Mash-up!”

It all started about one month ago with a dynamic teacher named Kristen Lamb. She started teaching a group of authors on the Write it Forward loop about How To Build Their Brand.

A bunch of writers went from having no blogsites, or (treachery!) a blogsite without their name in lights, to populating the blogosphere with all kinds of fun, exciting blogs WITH THEIR NAMES and kickass taglines prominently displayed.

Don’t take my word for it, I’ll let Kristen do the blog-flog herself with More Blogging Cowbell, her post from last Wednesday.

Before you ask, yes “More Cowbell” came up in class – we’re funny people, we like funny stuff, okay? And yes, we all decided that was the only name for my blog. (Kristen lusted over it, but she’s already got Warrior Writer and WANA and THE Kristen Lamb brand behind her, so she generously ceded the Cowbell beauty to her student. Lucky me.).

Look at all the other beautiful blogs that shine even brighter after our March class:

Michele Blaker –
Jen Greyson –
PJ Kaiser –
Grace H. Lewis –
Pamela Mason –
Danielle Meitiv –
Shellie Sakai –
Amy Shojai –
Damian Trasler –

There are some more stellar blogs in the works now, but above are some of the finished beauties. Everyone has great titles for their blogs but I think Damian’s won the development hilarity prize with Damian Trasler’s Secret Blog – Do Not Read! (don’t be shy, of course you must read it…it’s fantastic)

I’ll go further afield in next Monday’s More Cowbell Mash-up but for this first one, I really wanted to give the shout out to my new #authorbrand pals. This site literally would not be here in it’s current lovely state without each of you, especially our fearless leader.

Note: If you’re wondering why I threw that hashtag in the previous paragraph, you definitely need to read this immediately!

I’ll see you here tomorrow for Techie Tuesday. In the meantime, I’d LOVE to see some of your favorite sites in the comments.

Till tomorrow,

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7 Responses to More Cowbell Mash-up #1

  1. amyshojai says:

    Love it! Thanks for the shout-out. I’m really enjoying all the “cow bell” blogs…d’ya think that could mean we’re all ding-a-lings? Nawwwwwwwwwwww….*eg*


  2. Jenny – Thanks for the Kudos and Award – I’d like to thank the Academy……
    I’ve already got people coming over to check out my blog as a result, and I’m having to think up new secrets for each post – an unexpected side-effect of the new name!
    You’ve already listed most of my favourite sites, except for “Lego a day” Day 245 is my current favourite there.


  3. Michele Blaker says:

    Thanks for including me in this week’s mashup! I may need a bigger drumstick for my cowbell, though. 🙂


  4. Author Kristen Lamb says:

    Wow! Awesome. Thanks for the praise and the mentions. You guys gave me great material to work with. I love this log-line. It really brings out your personality and truly fits with your blogging “voice.”

    Excellent stuff and I am so happy to launch you on what looks like a brilliant future. LOVE the More Cowbell Mash-Up.


    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I’ve been working the day job today and seeing these fantastic comments flash across my phone, with no time to respond to them (oh, the torture!). People to teach, software to learn, blog stats to check…

      Amy, Damien, Michele, Kristen and Shellie:
      It was really fun to write this blog, but not half as fun as the March class with you. 🙂

      Damien, Day 245 on “a LEGO a day” is a riot. We just bought my daughter her first set of Legos; so far she just launches them. I’ll be sure to take a pic if she actually builds something.


  5. Shellie Sakai says:

    Thanks sweetie for the shout out! I love your cowbell. And I too am getting more traffic from the shout-out. Thank you again. See you in the blogsphere. 😀


  6. Great post. A couple of my fav blogs are a husband and wife team, Dean W. Smith and Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Both are very informative about the writing industry and talented writers. and


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