I’ve Got a Fever For “More Cowbell”

I’ve already had a few friends ask me why on Earth I named this blog, “More Cowbell.”

I’ve got lots of reasons, but the main one is that this is the name of one of the Top 10 Funniest of All Time skits from Saturday Night Live…it might be in the top three. I’ve provided you with a link so the rest of this post makes sense.

Note: If you’ve managed to live in today’s world without exposure to Saturday Night Live, Will Farrell or Christopher Walken, you’ll probably want to change the channel RIGHT NOW.

For the rest of you, click the link below. I’ll wait. Be sure to swallow that coffee in your mouth so you don’t snort it.

Okay, so now we’re all on the same page.

You’ve seen Will Farrell (Gene in the video) work that cowbell and “really explore the studio space.” Even with that 70’s hair and his belly just a-hanging out from under that hideous shirt, Will gives a 200% Master Cowbell Performance.

At the heart of it, this blog is about celebrating the unique and giving your “more.”

More creativity.
More fun.
More discussion.
More variety.

Whether you’re spending your weekend working, parenting, coaching, writing, exercising, worshipping, or not doing much of anything, I encourage you to really explore your studio space.


About Jenny Hansen

Avid seeker of "more"...More words, more creativity, More Cowbell! An extrovert who's terribly fond of silliness. Founding blogger at Writers In The Storm (http://writersinthestormblog.com). Write on!
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4 Responses to I’ve Got a Fever For “More Cowbell”

  1. Great examples of cowbell. I didn’t know that was Will Ferrell, I kept thinking he looked familiar. Lol.


  2. Ann says:

    Well, I definitely need more cowbell…. Thanks for uploading Jen; it was very funny! I look forward to being entertained and educated with your future posts!


  3. Jenny Hansen says:

    Ann and Angela,

    I snort coffee each and every time I watch:
    – Will Farrell explore his studio space
    – Christopher Walken say, “I’ve got to have more cowbell, baby!”

    Thanks for the comments, and for sharing my warped sense of humor. 🙂


  4. Jen,

    Take all the cowbell you want but you gotta stop snorting that coffee. Lol.


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