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Silliest Vacation Moments Ever…

The Hansen Clan went to a high school graduation this weekend up in Monterey and had a blast. Baby Girl was a rockstar for the 8 hour car trip, which was a shocker to us parents. [We expected to need … Continue reading

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The Bag Whore Goes Commando! (The Sad Tale of The Blue Papier-Mache Thong)

Today is Monday for a lot of people here in the States, so I held my More Cowbell Monday laugh until y’all could get back on your computers and appreciate it. Set your beverage down, and enjoy…I can’t wait to … Continue reading

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Dirty-Minded Signage…”If You Know What I Mean”

I hosted my WANA pal, Karen McFarland, for an impromptu dinner last Thursday night. She and her hubby are TONS of fun, and she got me telling stories. Specifically, she got me going about my trip to Missouri last year to see … Continue reading

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Do I Have A Dirty Mind?

Well, of course I do. I’ll bet you do too, since you’re hanging out here with me. :-) Y’all know I went to Missouri a few weeks back to see my family, right? There’s just nothing like a family vacation … Continue reading

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