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Do You Define Your Writing Process? Maybe You Should.

Whether you’re a writer, blogger or a businessperson, it’s important to define the writing process that works for you so you can be faster and more effective at it. Are you someone who likes to gather tons of research and … Continue reading

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Some Days You Just Want To Hang Out in Your PJs

Earlier this week, I posted about those days when you just want to swear.  I also have days when I just want to hang out in my pajamas…or when I just want to write..or learn. This Friday and Saturday, you can … Continue reading

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Silence The Voice of Doubt by DOING

If you hear a voice within you say ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced. — Vinny vG. Yep, that “Vinny vG” was a do-er. [That’s Vincent van Gogh to the rest of us, in … Continue reading

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10 Bizarre Work Habits of Famous Authors — Do You Share Any of Them?

Someone sent me a post this week called Bizarre Habits of Famous Authors. It details the unusual methods famous authors have used to keep the words flowing. Holy cowbell, these people make me feel normal! Below, I’ve shared the ten completely strange habits I … Continue reading

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What’s The “Must-Have” on Your Desk?

I saw my Dream Desk on Twitter the other day, courtesy of Russ Linton. I need that mug! And that secondary computer. I need that huge-o monitor…and those cool colored Post-its!! But mostly I just need that mug. :-) Although … Continue reading

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W is for Wig Mania (Happening Next Week at #DFWCon)

Anyone who knows Tameri Etherton knows she’s very sparkly. Seriously, she’s funnier than hell and she lights up a room…especially when she’s wearing her hot pink wig. We had a WANA gathering not so long ago where she brought that hot wig … Continue reading

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Q is The Quest for Story: What is it REALLY?

Today’s A-Z Challenge post is perfect for Thoughty Thursday, but we’re doing it one day later cuz we were having too much fun with our Panty Politics yesterday. I’ve had a sick toddler at home for two days now, but … Continue reading

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17 Links I Loved To Pieces

I don’t know if it’s a burst of creativity from the arrival of Spring or what, but the blogosphere is on fire this month! I’ve seen all kinds of magic. So, of course, I had to share it with y’all … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t You Love To Attend a Writing Conference in Your Pajamas?

We’re inside the two week window for WANA Con! This is the first conference I’ve ever heard of where you can learn, meet and greet in your jammies. I am so in! And not just because I’m teaching there (which I … Continue reading

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10 Writing (and Life) Lessons I Learned From My Dog

This weekend would have marked the 17th birthday of my pal, Hoshi. (Isn’t she cute??) For Techie Tuesday today, I’m going to share her with you, since she’s on my mind. (I previously posted this at Writers In The Storm.) Hoshi … Continue reading

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