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Ways To Celebrate Beautician’s Day

I just found out that Beautician’s Day happens every year on June 26th, and I’m really falling down on the job this year. states that Beautician’s Day is your chance to show your appreciation to those who make you … Continue reading

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Post-Surgery Questions I NEVER Thought I’d Be Asked

Things are rolling along at the Hansen House after hip surgery, and I have tons of fun visitors. My sister is in town and I have BFFs dropping in left and right to be sure I’m okay, which a girl … Continue reading

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When Dates Should Come With A Warning Label

How many of y’all remember my pal Clair from Can a Cup o’ Joe Make Your Man a Ho’? She’s out in the dating scene again and, well…she’s sort of dangerous. Dating makes her so nervous that she becomes a … Continue reading

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5 Posts That Made Me Act Undignified

And by “undignified” I mean laughing so hard there were tears, and maybe a little drool. We like to get our Monday giggle on, so of course I’m sharing these gems with the posse here. May these links cause undignified … Continue reading

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Invention Madness: A Doll With a Hoo-ha Flame Thrower?

Inventor brains are fascinating. Apparently, they go “what if” at about the same speed as writers. Just like writers, these ideas can coalesce into The Bizarre at an alarming rate. is my current favorite. He does everything from changing … Continue reading

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Some Days You’ve Gotta Strut Your Stuff

Here’s a video of a white peacock who wandered up to a poet’s blanket & strutted his stuff.  Watching this peacock video made me think of all the times so many of us: Step back from the spotlight… Agrue with … Continue reading

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Party Chat: Public Toilets and Colonel Angus

Party chat makes me giggle. Especially the party chat that happens in my family. At the family Easter bash, there was a huge discussion about the do’s and don’ts of public toilets. To hover or sit, to use a seat cover or … Continue reading

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Undie Chronicles, Volume 22: Undies Unplugged

Those of you who are new to More Cowbell might have missed The Undie Chronicles. The regular posse here knows: When the Undie-verse speaks, we will always listen. Who’d have ever thought we’d get into the TWENTIES in this series? … Continue reading

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10 Minutes of Hilarity…Just For You

Periodically, newcomers venture here to More Cowbell, see the masthead and mistake the name of the site. This blog is named after an SNL skit where Christopher Walken and Will Farrell steal the show. Catchy phrases like “I could’ve used a … Continue reading

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World Autism Awareness — Will You Celebrate It?

For 25 years, autism has been part of my life. Not just because my little brother is autistic, and not just because I used to teach autistic children back in a previous career. Autism has been part of my life … Continue reading

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