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“Down Time Hobbies” and Other Fun Mysteries

Y’all didn’t hear from me for my usual Monday giggle-fest because some hideous beast sous chef slipped me gluten over the weekend. For me that equals several days of vicious migraines and spinal misalignment, so it’s been a little quiet … Continue reading

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A Game of Balls, If You Know What I Mean…

I’m talking about balls across the blogosphere today — here at More Cowbell and over at Writers In The Storm. Of course over there, we’re being all dignified and talking about work-life balance. Here? We’re just having our normal giggly Monday. :-)Continue reading

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Undie Chronicles, Volume 21: The Commando Conundrum

Those of you who are new to More Cowbell might have missed The Undie Chronicles. The regular posse here knows: When the Undie-verse speaks, we will always listen. Who’d have ever thought we’d get into the TWENTIES in this series? Not … Continue reading

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3 Posts That Made My Cowbell Clang

Seriously, these posts made me laugh so hard, my Cowbell slipped (if you know what I mean.) #1 I adored Heather Curley’s entire post, I  laugh in church. Loudly., but this sentence started the gigglefest: “Look, I’m perpetually twelve.  If … Continue reading

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Holy Cowbell, Who Declared It “Vajayjay Week?!”

I must have an invisible “V” tattooed on my forehead this week. In addition to it being International Women’s Day this weekend, I’ve had no less than THREE people send me items via email or Facebook that celebrate “The Bird,” as … Continue reading

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How The Meaning of BOB Morphs With Age

BOB has somehow been a constant acronym in my life. When I was a kid, a “bob” was a hairstyle. It was cut above your shoulders, all cute and sassy, and beloved by figure skaters and news anchors. In college … Continue reading

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Some Days You Just Want To Swear

Some days you just need to swear. When I first posted on this topic, Baby Girl was just starting to talk. Now? She’s repeating everything, which means I have to spell everything. And sometimes the Hubs will just say the … Continue reading

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10 Reasons Why I’m Laughing My A$$ Off Today

I was on YouTube to look up Minnie Mouse’s Bowtique for Babykins and what do I see at the top of the page? “Vaginas Are Awesome…10 Reasons Why.” How do you NOT click on that? Continue reading

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Foolproof Fun for Valentine’s Day (Relationship NOT Required)

Valentine’s Day is still a week away, and all of my single pals are already sick of it. Everywhere (except this post) there are hearts and flowers, and proclamations to buy a bit of romance. I’m not going to discuss … Continue reading

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Crazy Books, Part 10: Lesbian Horses–A Tragically Overlooked Minority

Facebook rides to the entertainment rescue again! This is the best “big book” title I’ve seen since The Big Coloring Book of Vajayjays. One of my pals (she can out herself if she likes in the comments) sent me this … Continue reading

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