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Embracing the ‘Ho Bag’ Within: Cities Find that Sex Sells

We all knew that sex sells. I mean, duh. They could have just asked the More Cowbell Posse, or anyone who’s ever watched the Super Bowl. Seattle and Tucson have found out that sex sells public transportation REALLY well. The … Continue reading

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PT Positions Gone Wild: The Dead Bug and the Tabletop

They’re stepping it up at PT in terms of exercises (and kicking my butt), and yesterday they taught me the “Dead Bug” and the “Tabletop.” Of course the Hubs and I now call that last one the “Table Dancer” because that’s … Continue reading

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Here, Hold This: My First Brazilian Adventure

This guest blog by Emmie, a long-time member of the More Cowbell posse, made me die laughing. Plus, the post addressed a most important question: What is the tie-in between a bikini wax and the quest for personal responsibility? Read on my friends, read … Continue reading

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Post-Surgery Questions I NEVER Thought I’d Be Asked

Things are rolling along at the Hansen House after hip surgery, and I have tons of fun visitors. My sister is in town and I have BFFs dropping in left and right to be sure I’m okay, which a girl … Continue reading

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Food Allergies — The Funny Side

Let’s all admit it: food allergies are a pain in the rear…but there’s a funny side. (You knew I’d find it.) Somewhere in the middle of playing 20 questions with the waiter, chef or host about the ingredients of their … Continue reading

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When Dates Should Come With A Warning Label

How many of y’all remember my pal Clair from Can a Cup o’ Joe Make Your Man a Ho’? She’s out in the dating scene again and, well…she’s sort of dangerous. Dating makes her so nervous that she becomes a … Continue reading

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10 Better-Than-The-Truth Stories about “Dog Hip”

Any of you who read my last post know about what the Hubs and I are calling “Dog Hip.” Note regarding the name: I’m not dissing dogs. I love dogs. It’s just an easier thing to call it, rather than “Right … Continue reading

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5 Posts That Made Me Act Undignified

And by “undignified” I mean laughing so hard there were tears, and maybe a little drool. We like to get our Monday giggle on, so of course I’m sharing these gems with the posse here. May these links cause undignified … Continue reading

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The Bag Whore Drools Over Axes–What’s Your “Porn?”

Y’all remember my brother, the Bag Whore, right? This is the man who describes massages like so: Sis, have you ever seen a toddler’s Pull-up? Well, they put a version of one on me for this freaking massage. There were … Continue reading

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Undie Chronicles, Volume 23: The Underpants War

Those of you who are new to More Cowbell might have missed The Undie Chronicles. The regular posse here knows: When the Undie-verse speaks, we will always listen. Who’d have ever thought we’d get into the TWENTIES in this series? … Continue reading

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