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Hopped Up for National Coffee Day + Coffee DEALS!

Mondays are traditionally my favorite day here at More Cowbell, but today is truly special because America is celebrating my favorite beverage today: Glorious COFFEE. I’ve got my t-shirt ready. My favorite coffee mug. Here’s where you can get your free (or … Continue reading

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Food Allergies — The Funny Side

Let’s all admit it: food allergies are a pain in the rear…but there’s a funny side. (You knew I’d find it.) Somewhere in the middle of playing 20 questions with the waiter, chef or host about the ingredients of their … Continue reading

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Recipe: Make Your Cocktails All Healthy-Like…

Only my holistic-remedy-loving-5K-running sister would think to make her alcohol GOOD for you. I was so impressed when I saw the recipe below, so I had to share it with all of you. Note: If you don’t drink alcohol, no problem. It … Continue reading

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Strap On Your Fun For The Holidays

All the men here at More Cowbell were feeling a little left out last Monday when we discussed PantyO’s, but I’m here to tell you, today’s strap-ons are equal opportunity. Yep, we’re celebrating Independence Day here in the States this week and I’ve … Continue reading

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Crazy Books, Part 7: Cooking with Poo

Perhaps it’s because we’re potty training my toddler right now, but the title of this book slayed me. (Note: If you’d like to see the other books in this series of posts, click here.) Winner of Diagram’s 2013 Prize for … Continue reading

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Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Meal Made Easy

For people that do a lot of cooking, eating gluten-free at home is not exceptionally hard.  At least in my humble opinion. You eat less processed food, which is a good thing, and you have several smaller bags of flour, rather … Continue reading

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So Much Coffee, So Little Time…

I have a confession… I drink too much coffee. Most mornings I want to bathe in it and soak it into my pores. Granted, I’ve seriously cut down (NOT because I wanted to) but I’m pretty helpless against the sultry … Continue reading

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