Help Prevent Sinning With “The Sin Collar”

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This is the time of year when people think about celebration and sin.

Mardi Gras is in full swing, Purim is coming up in a few weeks for my Jewish friends and my Hindu pals are celebrating Maha Shivaratri (the Night of Shiva) today.

For those of the Christian persuasion, Lent is coming in a few days and I’ve got friends who are worrying about what they can give up.

You’d think in a first world nation like America, this would be an easy task. Still, I heard some stressing amongst the church set this weekend so I’m brainstorming ideas.

Note: I couldn’t really tell them my first thought was to give up that stick jammed in their hiney.

I found these three sites of interesting Lent ideas:

  1. From Life Teen – 25 Creative Ideas
  2. From 300 Words A Day – 33 Things To Give Up For Lent
  3. From The Daily Green – 9 Things You Can Give Up For Lent That Will Help The Environment (I’m sorry people…I ain’t giving up my super-cushy Costco toilet paper)

Some of the ideas are things I’d NEVER give up (like the aforementioned T.P.) but some of them are lovely.

They recommend you give up:

  • 10 frantic minutes a day
  • Your place in line
  • Your seat on the subway
  • An argument

OK, that’s fine for those little tiny feel-good goals. But what about the over-achieving types with loftier goals like “Lust” or “Sin.” Those people are gonna need some extra help.

I bring to you THE SIN COLLAR. This baby is “fourteen inches of adjustable sin protection!” I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. It had me giggling all weekend. [Shazam!]

What are you celebrating or giving up this month? What do you think of that “Sin Collar?!” Enquiring minds love  to know these things here at More Cowbell!

Happy Monday, y’all…

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41 Responses to Help Prevent Sinning With “The Sin Collar”

  1. For those who choose to give up something for Lent, my admiration.

    I’ve been in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and ‘gotta tell you, after the lust, libations and leering, their options should be many.

    Unless you’re like my friend who once gave up beer for Lent. He screwed up his nose in distaste, but managed to make it through on wine in place of his beer. Now THERE’S a target for the sin collar.

  2. KatherinesDaughter says:

    It’s funny, I’m a Christian, been one all my life and have never given up anything for Lent. I am such an over-doer, I should give up something stressful (like just THINKING about exercising, which consumes too much of my time!). I think I’d rather ADD something meaningful like some volunteer time somewhere, donating to the food bank or something that feeds my inner soul. What do you think?

  3. Sherry Isaac says:

    Ah, in thought, word and deed…

    Jenny, where do you find these videos? Hysterical.

    Personally, giving up seat on bus should be a year-round commitment if you are young and able-bodied. In this day and age of technology and entertainment, there’s got to be stuff that can be given up without batting an eye, but isn’t the thing given up supposed to hurt or inconvenience a little?

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      You remember Hopeful from last Monday’s post? She finds most of them. I’d get annoyed after 15 mins on YouTube and call it a day so I’m lucky to have her. :-)

      I agree with you on the bus thing – I always give up my seat, unless I’m ailing. It’s sad that this needs to be a reminder/nudge for Lent, but we do what we can to inch the world along, right?

  4. Laura Drake says:

    Holy poop, if I had one of those, people would think I was in a Grand Mal seizure, 24/7!

    Me? Never have given up anything (these hips are testiment to that fact.) But this year, I’m giving up something. Train-spotting. Yeah, I know, I never did that…but I’m starting slow. Next year, I’ll work up to giving up something big in my life. Like triathalons. (HA!)

  5. 25,000 volts of ELECTRIFIED SALVATION! Oh my gosh, so funny!

  6. Stacy Green says:

    LOL. Where do you find this stuff? That’s just scary. I’m not great at giving stuff up. I might try to get rid of the pop altogether, but that’s not looking too good. Props to all those who sacrifice:)

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I’m not bad at giving stuff up – I’m bad at REMEMBERING that I gave stuff up! Like I gave up TV for writing…I just didn’t have time to do both. But say I gave up coffee or wine, I’d be eyebrow deep in the glass and my husband would have to remind me. It would just be a hot mess.

  7. OMG I need to get a sin collar for hubby just for shits and giggles. LOL! I know, I am a terrible human being…oh well. LOL!
    LOVE it!!

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      I have no idea if you can actually buy it but at $60 bucks a pop, he’d better really need that salvation! (And I can’t believe you’re going to torture my buddy like that!!!)

  8. Last year I gave up ellipses for Lent. Yes, the punctuation. My line was, If Jesus were dead, he’d have been rolling over in his grave. Still, it made me use less of this punctuation in my comments on my blog.

    This year, instead of “turning away” from something, I’m going to “turn to” something. Regardless of weather, I’m going to go for a walk every day and appreciate the world around me. Maybe.

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      LOL…your ellipses. You slay me, Leanne! I certainly need to turn to the Elip-tical. :-)

      I turned to “” for a little online “micro-volunteering.” And since you live in freaking cold Canada, I’m impressed with your vow.

  9. I really like the idea of giving up something for other people, instead of sacrificing for the sacrifice’s sake. The sin collar – a modern twist on a medieval idea!

  10. Julie Glover says:

    Shazam! That cracked me up. I’m a Christian but not a Lent-observer. Most of what I should give up, I need to give up year-round. I could try giving up snarky blog comments, but I don’t think I’d last long. Great stuff, Jenny!

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Julie, the “Shazam!” was what killed me. When the guy got “Shazzam’ed” out of bed, I was pretty much on the floor howling.

      Please don’t EVER give up on snarky blog comments. I like ‘em!

  11. K.B. Owen says:

    ROFL, Jenny!

    The “giving up” part has to have a purpose – to change a bad or lazy habit, to help you improve yourself, or to make you appreciate, in some small way, the sacrifice Jesus made. It’s best when it can do some good for others, too. (Give up something and donate the money you would have spent to charity, for example). And Lent isn’t just about giving up something; it’s about adding things: prayer, charitable works, spiritual depth.

    I’m no holy roller, but I try to do things during Lent that in some small way make a difference. But in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy Fat Tuesday! :)

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      If you read the comments, you saw I jumped on this week. I just wanted to give a little extra over the next many days till Easter. I try to give back a lot, but Lent always makes me feel like I should do just a little bit more.

  12. tomwisk says:

    Better not let any right wing Republicans see that or they’ll make it mandatory for everyone who isn’t a pious as they are, (95% of adult population) I’m giving up giving up. That ought to move work right along. As usual witty and insightful.

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Hey, we take them all in here, Tom. You can be falling off the bench to the left or the right side and the point of More Cowbell is to come to some middle ground. There’s enough divisiveness in our world.

      Glad you liked the video. :-)

  13. amyshojai says:

    Holy cats! And that’s what folks use on their dogs to train ‘em…SIN collar or SINISTER collar! Yikes…
    Nope, haven’t given up ellipses for lent. Not a bad idea.

  14. Jillian Dodd - Glitter, Bliss and Perfect Chaos says:

    It’s like the dog collar we had when we had an electric fence. Maybe I should get it out and try it on my kids.

  15. This year has been full of resolutions that changed our lifestyles significantly. We adopted a new budget with the goal of paying off all our credit card debt and at leaste one, if not two small student loans by December. In order to reach these goals I have had to GREATLY restrict my fun spending, no new purses this month :(, as well as our dining out habits. I’m also 4 weeks into a vegan challenge at work and the second phase of this challenge coincides with the Lenten fast of giving up alcohol. Beyond no meat, egs or dairy, no shopping and no alcohol I’m not sure what else there is. Any ideas?

    • Jenny Hansen says:

      Well, some people would say “caffeine” is still up for grabs, but I still believe in a kind and benevolent God. :-)

      p.s. You bought a purse EVERY MONTH?? I buy a new purse like once every year or two…

      • drimhof says:

        I get Miche Purse covers fairly regularly at purse parties (like a Tupperware party). I have three different sizes so I have accumulated quite a selection (see Plus, I love Mary Kay parties and then there is the usual cute top or pants now and then, but it all adds up. Eating out is the same way. I love trying new yummy places to eat. But in the end all that spending takes away from the priority of paying down debt, spending quality time with loved ones and helping out in the community. So we are trying to focus this Lenten Season on growing closer to God and each other rather than on outside distractions, including TV & Facebook (YIKES!! what will I do without my facebook?!)

  16. Where do you find this stuff, Jenny? I’m most impressed. Not just by the whole 25kV between the ears thing, but by anyone who can say “fourteen inches of adjustable sin protection!” without cracking up.


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  18. Piper Bayard says:

    O.M.G. This is awesome! I grew up in a very fundamentalist Christian part of the world, and I have no doubt some of the folks I’ve known would actually use this and put this on their kids. “Do not use the Sin Collar during baptism.” Lmao! Thanks, Jenny. I’ll pass on this during Lent, but I’m glad to know the option is there.

    I once gave up yelling at my kids during Lent. It was the best thing I could have done for all of us.

  19. The sin collar….ha!

    I always participate in Lent and for the first time in a long time have no idea what to give up or strive to do. I usually give up things I love most (like sodas and caffeinated drinks) but I finally kicked that habit. I sometimes give up chocolate, but without the sodas and caffeinated coffee, I need chocolate. I think I may go with friend foods – no chips, nothing like that. I try not to say bad words every year, but that is usually out the window within a week. I have a potty mouth.

  20. Marcia says:

    That video is hilarious! The family that uses it on their kid…too real!
    I’m never good at remembering what I decide to give up for Lent. When I was a kid it was usually gum, because that was easy. But so far this year, I’ve given up sitting on my a$$ all day and am getting in better shape, which is as good for my family as myself. I’ve given up giving so much to my grown kids, so they will really, truly grow up. And, I always give donations to the heart assoc in honor of my late husband and to the organization that funds research for blood cancers in honor of my best friend’s sis-in-law. The other little things you mentioned giving up…we should be doing those everyday. It puts a smile on your face and the other person’s.

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  24. Oh Jenny, that collar is hysterical. You always put such a fun twist on your ideas. lol.
    Btw, followed Amy’s link to get here. I can’t believe I missed it the first time around.

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